Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am going back~~

Hooray~~ I am going back to Malacca in a few hours time. Can't wait for it.. Dying to go back everyweek if possible. Reason : don't really prefer uni life. Hate those fakers and f**kers that going around and buzzling like nobody business.

Life in Uni was not a life that I always wanted to. I do not really know why I do not like Uni life. Maybe because of freedom? Maybe because of the people there? Or maybe because of some unwanted circumstances which yet to be perplexed in my mind.

Ok, shall leave this blog here and then as I need to go for class already. Was taking some precious time out to blog for this post as my morning class being canceled so I got time to actually scribble in a few words in my post here....till then...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lost Track..

Is been a long time since I have lost my track in some where blues in my blogspot. Been really busy for the past few weeks and coming soon. Life has been very hectic to me ever since the CNY's holiday ended. Been buzzing around each day not knowing what comes ahead of me. Is been making me sick and I am still sick right now. I wonder when only my hectic life will gone and let it be forgone. I guess it will only be after my this semester study. What is life then by that time? It is yet to be perplexed in my mind.

Anyway, since Valentine's Day is coming which is tomorrow...I somehow wishing all the cupid couples Happy Valentine's Day. To all my friends, happy valentine's day too. May it bring you All the Love & Romance you hoped for.

Love.....What a wonderful WORD....filled with promises of happiness, passion, contentment, security....being accepted for who you are, what you stand for....someone to share with....plan with....understand where you are coming from. Taking the opportunities of mine, I would like to say and give a BIG LOVE to my loved ones and especially my parents because all of you have created a wonderful RAINBOW in me. It decorates my life with full of COLOURS~~
You've Touched My Heart, to someone..
You've given me a reason
For smiling once again,
You've filled my life with peaceful dreamsand
you've become my closest friend.

You've shared your heartfelt secrets
And your trust you've given me,
You showed me how to feel again
To laugh, and love, and see.

If life should end tomorrow
And from this world I should part,
I shall be forever young
For you have touched my heart..