Friday, August 29, 2008

~ Home Sweet Home ~

Finally I am back home after 3 weeks at my uni there being inside the bird cage. It was not fun at all when my lilfe was there. I really felt like dying inside there because of the activities that was going on over there. BUT luckily, thanks comes to an end already. But I aren't sure when is the next activity that will be going to be pop up. Those activities will never have a full stop one. It continues one after another. Wonder here when is the end of it...can some one tell me??

Before I mention more about my "Family Day", I would like to say more or less about "Malam Bersama Pengetua". The night of it wasn't a great one but just a normal celebration to welcome our new principal of College 2. We were urged to wear purple color formal attire as the night theme was purple. So all of us dress up ourselves in purple color baju kurung and the whole night looks so purplish to me as the hall of it also they decorated it with purple decorations....

Me and Cheryl..

My 3 "daughters"

Us with our senior, Annie..
Ladies in purple action..

So, my college just finish the major activity which is the "FAMILY DAY". Although, my family wasn't the overall winner but we enjoy the process of it. At least in certain activities we did won and we did make our self satisfy with outcome of it. For the most satisfying one was when the hard work of us being pay off in the FASHION SHOW..we won second on this event. Even it wasn't first but we are still happy. The sacrificing for this activity is too big already. We approximately have 2-3 hours of sleep everyday only...and the next big things you will realise is you are really a PANDA. This is a confirmation. I plan not to name my family members as Rhino but plan to name it as Panda because we do no need any mascot for our family...we just need to present ourselves out...hahaha...Would not elaborate so much on this activity but will let the pictures do the talking...

Seninors and us before letting off for opening ceremony..

Showing off ourselves with our balloons and the sign of Rhino..

Posing for our Rhino's t-shirt..

Us with our Rhino's family, Papa

Getting ready to go for Sukaneka..

With our family cheerleaders...

Anaconda, Vulture, Alligator and Rhino's family all together..

Us again with our family, papa..

part of our family members...

us with our family mascott..

Proud to present our family 3D mascott..

The sign of Rhino with our College 2 Student's President..

President, Hafifi and I..

Me and Papa, Taufik..

Our choir team..

Me and sook lei..(ignore the head behind us)

Me and hoon wah @ Pailang


Me and cheng chung @ G'Lok

Me and Zhi Hui @ Tekko

Syah, Sook Lei and Me..

Us with our 3 models.... ("Designers and Models")

Me and Chee Kien..the only guy from Malacca..

Part of my Seahorse family members..

Me and my 2 "sons"

Me and Kak Liyana...the pretty malay senior of mine..

the always 4 crazy..

That all from now...sorry for some up-side-down pictures...I do not know what happen. I upload the pictures but it turns up to be like this..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a LIFE!!!

I am wondering here last time people used to tell me that UNI life is very enjoyable, very fun, very interesting and so on. BUT to me is aren't at all. I everyday stack up with plenty of stuff that making me seems a BUSY BEE everyday. Today, I just finished my first test. Finally, my test all finish BUT that is not the full stop of my sentence yet. Another few more weeks will be my 2nd test already. Haven't got the time to take deep gasp then here come another one more..PHEW~~~~

Then, out of sudden I was being appointed to become the person in-charge of my college "FAMILY DAY". Damn it man! Out of sudden only my name being called up. I was talking and giggling at a corner with my friends then suddenly my name being call. Real surprise. The next thing that came through my mind was DEAD... Family day means that we are divided into 4 families then we have to do many activity in that particular family; sing song, dikir-ria, games and the list continue. My family was RHINO family. Got Rhino, anaconda, alligator and vulture. It wasn't a fun thing...A MUST FOR ME TO CONCLUDE! Worst come to worst, is not only a day but is a week but because of certain reason they make it 3 days that pack with activities and now we have to start to prepare everything already. Is a wholesome of A LOT of stuff.
Beside college got this family family stuff then the chinese community in my college also got family one. THIS ONE ONLY CHINESE! Sounds better. This one got 7 families which consists seahorse, starfish, jellyfish, corals, seashells, dolpin and turtle. In this family we got father, mother, children and even got great grandparents include paternal and maternal...I really get bored with this kind of stuff already. Can't they find anymore intersting stuff?
After finish all this stuff we have to prepare for LANTERN FESTIVAL already. Hopefully I wasn't the one in-charge. IF again like this, I will definitely slaughtered away all those seniors. That's all for now as I have to go and prepare myself to go for dinner already...haha...Till then~~

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Day pass Another Daysss~~~

Finally I have the time to blog already. Few days back was really busy with my presentation and my first test. Worst come to worst, my first test was PHYSICS. It was really a nerve-wracking moment. Whatever things that you study you would never see it appear on the paper but what you never study you will see it appear on that paper. The jiffy I open the paper, I saw the first question..and the first thing that goes to my mind was OH, GOD...Please save my skin...haha..cause I seriously do not know a single thing. All I can do is just try my best out of the best that I can produce. Thanks goodness it is in objective way BUT then only contain of 15 questions and 2 subjective questions. SO when come to subjective questions, I AM ALL DEAD! Imagine after 2 years of not touching physics stuff, suddenly have to study back is really a hard thing for me. Hopefully I manage to sneak through this semester with my physics without any failing...haha...

Then today I just finish my Introduction of Consumer Science test. This test is at least better than physics. AT LEAST, there are a few questions which I can confirm the answers without any doubtful. Again, I am hoping for the best out of the best...partially waiting for miracle to happen..haha...I am dreaming~~~

Oh ya, then would also want to mention about my friend's Chia Yi birthday celebration. Nothing much happening but was just a normal celebration as to get a nice cake and nice environment over here is very hard. Not an easy task to be complete. But we manage to surprise her with a small party and ALL I can say is she is really surprise. Our plan went out well without any mistakes....Aren't we are a good actress?..haha..after a tiring day with our busy and hectic life-styles, we manage to sneak our day out enjoy for a little while....