Sunday, June 30, 2013


After all the hardship, all the sweat... finally the month of JUNE - the "holy" month has come to the end. Kiss and say goodbye to all church group. You will never know how relieved it is when you bid goodbye to the last group on 23rd June. In your heart you will say please do not come back to malacca again next year..IF and only I am still working in the same industry. With them around, everyday you will face and encounter mankinds of patterns and attitude people. Its never easy to deal with them. But glad to say that its over now and I am off to Bangkok midnight today. Weee~~~  can't wait!!

The arrangement for the church group

The backdrop for their dinner night with the theme ASIA NITE.
With one of the church people, Mr. Jeffery...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Business Trip to Langkawi~~

I was at Langkawi for the past few days (4 days 3 nights) stay in Langkawi and it was enough to give me a boredom feeling. I was there to attend the Aeromeet 2013 "Buyer meets Seller" convention. Had seen people from all over the places i.e. Australia, Denmark, Norway and etc... 

For me, Langkawi is about a max of 2 nights stay. Anything more than that, you better be thinking of what to do the next moment. It was a very pleasant and relaxing place as the hotel that we stayed is really far from town but its has a very beautiful sort of private beach and scenery. We stayed at Sheraton Hotel Langkawi and for us to go town it was like 30-40mins. *Smash it* Smash the intention of going shopping. You just stayed in the room and enjoyed the breeze of the beach.

It was really a nice place to relax and chill but not until the time when you thought that you are actually there to WORK. Oh no~~~~ 

The beautiful scene of the beach

For me, a hotel bathroom is very important in terms of cleanliness

Super BIG room and you have it all by yourself..

The view from my room facing the FOREST...its like staying in the jungle..

You will probably hear all kinds of sounds, chirping and creeping in the middle of the nights. 

Its just so relaxing..

The view of the coffee house.. Morning breakfast its just about chilling as it faces the beach. 

I do enjoy my stint there but not in terms of going there to work. If you think of escaping yourself from the hustle and bustle city, this is really the place. With not much of people, you actually have the time all by yourself. You can't ask for more.