Saturday, July 31, 2010


This is how I felt now. I felt that whatever I tried to believe no matter in person or by verbally is all bullshit; NONSENSE. I always believe that if you treat people good, in return people will treat you good as well. But in this world, there is no such thing. Perhaps it happen but the lucky one just not me. GOD is fair, but life is never fair sometimes.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Messy and complicated beginning and ending..

I am back to my home sweet home again. Every week I will be back to my sweet comfort zone without FAILED. Friends of mine will keep on questioning me, you not tired arh every week thru n flow Malacca? I will just smile, and answered them I WILL NEVER. It always feel good to back home and back to the place where foods is there waiting for me to eat on. Back in Uni, we need to hunt for food..sigh..

I also do not know how to elaborate longer on my blog. Norm of life? Everyday is a norm for me where everyday I will be doing the same thing..haha..My life now was extreme busy I might say. To divide my time properly between work and study, is double the hardness of it. I knew it was wrong to work at the same time while studying but circumstances really do not always do as I pleased. I NEED MONEY! I want to be a billionaire...*smash head*..dreaming..haha..

There is really many things awaiting for me to do now and I am having problems to sleep. I can't sleep at night. Even though, I am lack of sleeping but I can be super energetic the next morning. Waking up early for me is not a problem but when afternoon comes, I start to feel the heavy-ness of my eyes lids and when evening appears, I need my sugar rush and when night arrived I will be super hyper again. INSOMNIA! Please go away...I want a good night rest every day..I want to sleep nicely and soundly with a great dream.

And then, GOD treats me good while providing me with a good life with so many people who is so dear to me. To me family are always the people that I concerned the most in my life, I care for their feelings and love them to the max. Secondly, will be friends around me. They are always the one who is dear to me and I tried my best to give my very best concerned to them. No matter they are far or near, I hope I can. But till then I realized, friends around me are all changing. No doubt, people do change but if change for a good reason, then is alright but some are changing from bad to worst, which made me so frus up sometimes with their unexceptional attitude and character. I hate such doubt too, I also have changed. But I always hope my change is for a better things..

Next, I realized that being a tough person wasn't a good thing too. Tend to close up for people and go on ourselves the life no matter how bad it was. Definitely, no concern or show of pampered from people....Deep in my mind, there is always a pros and cons. Perhaps, it will made us learnt and be independence in life. No matter how life gonna be, we will still stand on the ground still and stable.

LASTLY, I just hope everything will be fine for me and people around me smiles and live on happily...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Final Year Project~~

It was so fast when I thought back that I first enter Uni and now I am in the FINAL YEAR already. Once again, it proved that time really tik-tok fast. Every sound of the tick-tocking reminds us that we should not waste our time. Time wait for no tide.

Today, I went to meet my Final Year Project (FYP) supervisor and to do some discussion about my title. The title given to us was "Enterpreneurship" and we have to discuss or perhaps venture more details and specific about it. So all in my mind was TOURISM. I start to think to have edu-tourism, agro-tourism and etc. And when I met her, she just told me: "your title was still very wide, can you give me more input and more details"..... The second thought that come to me was, I GOT NO MORE OTHERS IDEA beside tourism.

After analysis and discussing more about it, she finally came out to me with an idea "Bed and Breakfast Service in Malaysia". When I heard about that, the third thought that came to me was what on earth is that? I don't even know it...And I goes wander all over the place what is this phrase about. My supervisor just told me that it was a new term that start to use in MALAYSIA.

Then when I went online to check, this term already appeared long time ago around the whole wide world but MALAYSIA just only adapt this culture. Now you see, how back and back Malaysia can be.

So now people, can you tell me what do you know about "bed and breakfast service"? I guess most people out there will have the same thinking as me when first heard about it...

I am now terrified that I can't do well in this title cause the information that I got for it was like so little. I can't even explained much about it and now how am I supposed to do a case study on it? I am really crueless... Long way to go...


Crystal's 22nd Birthday Celebration


Celebrated Crystal's 22nd birthday at Papparich tonight (26.07.2010). My plan came to a success when I planned for her a last minute celebration..haha.. It was also another gathering for all of us. It was always nice to get together, doing our all time favourite chores and laughing out loud like nobody business...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

5 Simple Rules to be HAPPY~~

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:

1. Free your heart from hatred - Forgive.

2. Free your mind from worries - Most never happens.

3. Live simply and appreciate what you have.

4. Give more.

5. Take responsibility for your life.

Enjoy Life & Stay Happy

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A daysss full of ups and down..

This is how I spent my 3 days at Infineon, and half day at Renaissance Hotel Malacca. This event was nothing compared to my last time event. Easy and simple job event but still will have small problems occured. No matter how easy or how succesful an event will be, somehow or rather there will still be some problems one. It just happened to see how we deal with all the problems only. It was Infineon Technologies Service Award for 5, 10 and 15 years in their auditorium and 20 and 25 years at Renaissance Hotel Malacca. We already did our very best to make this event happening, but the crowd was like so shit...that is what I can conclude..

Preparations for live band performances...

Dancers for the first day..

the backdrop, scallops, deco and etc that took me almost more than 2 hours to get it done...Adjusting, climbing the stairs, making it nice and tying the flower balls really not an easy task..

Night at Renaissance Malacca Hotel..

Infineon Technologies Managing Director, Mr. Peter Bailey..

Professional dancers performing 1 Malaysia Concept..

The emcess of the night...

The group picture...
from left: Stanly, Me, Debbie @ my boss, Frankie, Ben @ my boss too..

Friday, July 9, 2010


Yeah, I am back from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for 3 days 2 nights stayed over there. I guess that also showed the end of my holidays and soon I will be back to study life already. My Sabah trip was so so but I am way slightly darker already caused when to island.

I also don know how to conclude my Sabah trip. Just tired and super exhausted plus in the same time fun, enjoyed, and adventurous for 3 girls. It should be a memorable trip for 3 of us.

Besides, I really want to thank Benny for the companion and "tour guide" for a day to few places. Without his guidance we will never be able to go fish spa, daily farm and etc.

I seriously don know what to elaborate for my trip already. Just wait for me to uplaod pictures and all those pictures shall do the talking already.

Now I must packed all my things back to uni already. It is something which I do not wish to do. I hate going back there. Perhaps this time go back will be different thoughts and feeling already. What shall I say is that people do change in 2 months time.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I reached back to Serdang..

I finally reached back to Serdang already. I board 2pm bus from Malacca Sentral and reached hentian Serdang around 3.30pm...but the journey just doesn't stop there. I have to walk from hentian serdang back to my rented house..gosh, it took me 20 mins of walking..

Fuu~~ I am extreme exhausted by the time I reached back here. Plus the night, I did not have a good rest perhaps for the whole week I did not have any good sleep at all and I woke up with my head trembling hard. I guess it was the symptoms that told me I need a rest...haha...

As the saying says: Only work and no play makes Penny Lam a dull girl..hahaha..

Yes, true enough I am flying off my ass to KK tomorrow already but I can conclude now it wasn't a sense of happy or what neither nor I am excited for this trip...I just sense other than that...Even when I step into the house, it doesn't gave me a sense of pleasant. I got no idea why. I seriously no idea why....Guess, I have to get into the life of uni back....

Crossed fingers, tomorrow will be a smooth journey for me and my friends... GOD BLESS~~~

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The endless journey...

Tomorrow I will be heading back to Serdang and then Tuesday morning I will take the 10 plus flight to Kota Kinabalu already. KK here I come~~ Thinking of that it gives me mixed feelings actually. Firstly, thinking of 3 girls going adventure with just backpacking it just give me feelings of anxiety, happy and at the same time adventurous. Definitely it is the time, the week I really relax and let myself just go with the flow of lighten up my life...

Flashing back my mind to 2 months back, my life was so hectic. Everyday was a busy working day for me. It was not a normal internship. It was an internship fills up with ups and downs of my life and now it shall be a memory for me. Even though now I have finished doing my internship, I will still continue to work on as part timer just to earn extra income. Throughout my 2 months of internship, I have learned many things, explore to many different types of things as well as people and things that I will face in the future. I am now dare to say, I am ready to face the world with a better enhancement. A good memory back there with my crazy boss whom will go insane in any moment. I will miss her, damn~~~

I will also miss my times will all my others part-timers people @ colleague...I miss the time having supper with them after work and gossiping till late night about 4-5am each time as it were our own business. I will miss them super a lot. Miss watching movie with them, drinking tea and having lots of fun with them. I will definitley miss you all. But not too worry, I will be back every week so our times is still there..hahaha...And now I can say that I am used to the life of working till late night and waking up early in the morning to continue to work again. Work like a bull and enjoy it too.

When I do not have break, I will mumble to myself and hope that I was given a break. And now I am having a little break where Uni semester start and I can guarantee that I will miss the life of working back then. Guess this is norm of life and we people will never be satisfy with what we have. When in uni, I have uni's trouble and infinite problem that due with assignment, projects, human there and lots more....and by then, I guess I will really miss my working life. Even though, working life stress me up like hell but I seriously taking it as a growing or life norm. It is something that we have to face.

Well, I am now taking few days off before I come back for the starting of my new semester and also coming event in Infineon Technology for their gala night and service award ceremony. Guess it will be a long planning event to go over...
Quote of the day~~~