Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bro..

Proudly to present him and his birthday today...

Happy Sweet twenty- ..................... *not going to disclose*..haha...
May your birthday be as wonderful and blossoming well like the roses there.
You had come to a long way,
and I am just glad that you had been my brother.
A brother that I looked upon too whenever I had any problems and troubles..
No doubt, we do argue..
but what's life of a sibling all about without all this..
Love ya, ther...

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~

It's Finally SUNDAY~

My long awaits Sunday. Sometimes, you will never realize how great Sunday can meant to me. The whole week had been a reall busy week and I am packed with scheduled, appointments, meetings and lots more. From one point, I had to juggle to the another point. But I am loving my work now. At least, I found some satisfaction at the end of the day.

Everyday, I am doing and dealing with mankind of peoples and really challenging stuff. My brain is like started to work back after a long period of resting. At certain moment, I felt my brain is rusty already and need some polish up. No doubt, at the end of every day...I felt so sick and tired but then think again, this is the thing I want so I better pull it through. It might be difficult at the beginning but no pain, no gain. So, I just got to bare with it and GO THE DISTANCE!

And because of this reason, I think I will had less update on my blog already. Somehow, I will try to update myself as frequent as possible whenever I had time for it. And now, I am looking for 13th and 18th October where I willl be taking leave and on my ass heading to KL for my Convo...HOORAY! Nothing can beats the ecstatic joy of getting yourself a day off.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sometimes is the small little messages of compliment from you can actually made my day...

you make me smile... =)

Stint in KL...

Yeah, got myself a 2 days holiday to KL. It was rather a short trip but I enjoyed the times I had with all my girlfriends. It has been like 3 months that we had not met each others and we got like tons of updates and gossips to tell. Well, girls are always girls and girls will always remain with this attitude...WE and our never ending stories. But that is what's girls are all about when we gathered. And this trip is non other than eat all the way rather than shopping or what..haha...But it was rather a nice one to gather and jsut to update ourselves and counting down the days we gonna meet again on our convo....BIG Hooray and Smiles!

The gals.. From left: Crystal, Dicky, Me, Heran, Reiko and Patricia.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A little winding of my life~

I am like MIA for quite some time but the truth is like about a week only, but it seems I had long time did not update on my blog already. Had been very busy dealing with work and tons of work load as well as those hassle and bustle of LIFE.

Several things have been running through my mind since the day I started my new life. Tons of questions and doubts pondering and perplexing into my mind. I always thanks GOD for all I have and I do appreciate what I am having now, but life is not so easy as it seems. Tough decision to be made, whether you'll move on to the right path or no. Yes you can't predict of what will happen in the future but we can minimize the consequences. Whether will I regret in the future or not it is still something to be see and ask. Sometimes, I am blur with all the decisions that I made too. I am just afraid I will made the wrong decisions or choosing the wrong path in my life. I seriously afraid of this. But I can't do anything, as circumstances do not permit me to do things that I wish too. I just had to bare with it... Even though, sometimes we ought to chase our dreams.

But no matter how life treated us, we just need a break in it or maybe a comma in it so that we can move and leap further in the future. And I always feel blessed for the given peers friends that I had with me for the past 16 years. Nothing beats the ecstatic joys when you are with them. It is always nice to yack, gossips, chat and changing info with them as you will find yourself dwelling with all their laughters...

Even though, all of us are busy with our own things but we just never forget to link each other once in awhile and even you had meet many new friends found outside there, you will still realize upon that peers friends are the best friends forever that you could label them. People out there are mostly poker faces with you but only them and also ONLY with can be the truly you and yourself.

Presenting them...

From left: Li Chia, Wai Ming, Me and Ai Yun.

From left: Rae Lynn, Li Chia, Wai Ming, Me and Ai Yun..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The born of MUSHROOMS...

This is like the 2nd time I am visiting my dad's newly build mushroom's farm. The last time I went there it wasn't that developed yet. From 3 mushrooms house now they had expanded it into 18 houses (more in the future) and readying to grow and plant their 2nd experimental mushrooms with better seeds and better equipment. Hopefully, those oyster mushrooms can grow well. My dad is doing well on this but we (my bro and I) never knew how those oysters mushrooms are being grown..*shy*..haha...Nevertheless, we do not even know how the machines are being made. But, I am always proud of my dad who invented those machine and proudly present it to the market despite lots of failure. And finally we got the chance to witness the movering of it... =) Coming till this stage is always not easy but what success is if it wasn't a failure before it. We had come a long way and I think we had lots of suffering too. Till then, all those suffering should come to an end and now we are starting and revolving with a better life. I hope GOD treat us well and blessing's of GOD are following us. I might not had been a rich girl before but I am sure I had been a poor girl before. NO JOKE! Those sufferings and pains....only GOD knows! But I am serious blessed with the toughness and family GOD had given me. We had come to a long way before reaching it. Now, I am more blessed than ever...

Dad showing us how the bagging machine functions. That is where the cork woods and the seeds are being bag in a plastic. All machinery...

Bro and daddy are seeing how the cork wood is being mix and bladder-ed..

The cork wood are bring transferred to other parts of the machine with the usage of the conveyor belt.

The steamer...

The steamer is used to steam those mushroom that had been bagged in order to kills those virus and germs.... The steaming period is about 2 hours plus.

The rack that used to put those mushrooms that had been bagged.

The plastic bag cover..Is an important item as this is where the oyster mushroom will grow out...

Rows of mushroom's house~

The toilet for the workers...

Inside the mushroom's house..

The cooling mist...

Actually the farm is located at Tebong, Melaka and is really deep inside jungle..haha...but it has nice and beautiful environment and scenery despite a lots of mosquitoes. But it was rather cooling inside there even the sun shines brightly...

The beautiful natural scenery..Green green grass of homie..

The river...used to be very nice last time with lotus flower but it seems no longer now.

Friday, September 2, 2011

All smiles gal..

Yeah, I am indeed a happy girl. I just do not know why...Maybe I am waking up to a day without work and facing aunties. How great life can be?? haha.. and I am glad too that I need not have to work tomorrow. I had a nice holidayzz.... so tell me, how am I not being happy?? and I am getting weird me out and I am typing this post weirdly too. I am a WEIRDO..haha..

But before I end my weird post, I would like to share a phrase with all my dear readers...

" Love when you're ready, not when you're alone..."