Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Day~~ happy! My room in University manage to online already. Means I am able to online and blog at the same time..haha..So at least I won't left this blog for a long time without any update about my whereabout. But currently I will be a bit busy in doing my assignment and presentations. All I can say is a bundle of a lot...real a lot that kind... But I know running out of time so I will be back again soon..

Friday, July 25, 2008

** New friends found **

It has been 28 days since I step into university which is approximately to a month. Time really passes so fast that without realising I have been inside there for almost a month. But during the stint there the friends that I made was not that many but there are few friends which now I am entire click with them.

First, it always be my room-mate who has been with me all this while during the time when I was in university. We basically have many things in common. And we also study the same course and we basically will attend class together always..cause our classes are all the same. Aren't that a good thing? At least I have companion all the time...haha..

Introducing my room-mate, Wai Khei and I...

Then, I got to hold on with my close course mate as in we went to class, eat and basically do almost everything together. There is one thing which I salute them the most which was the way they converse their mandarin. All I can say is they are power packed...haha...They can slang well in it and you will think that they actually came from China but the fact was they came from Pontian, Johor, Malaysia...haha..

Clock wise from left upwards: Pei Sien, Wai Khei, me and Siew Tong..

Lately, I got to hold on to a few more funky and crazy friends. Both of them stay right opposite my room..and with them around you will never fail to laugh out your lungs. As we stay in 4th floor which is occupy mostly by the Chinese, so always create havoc with our loud voice and laughter...hahaha...we can actually talk to each other by just shouting from the other end of the block to the other side of the block. BUT all this only happened, when we got too much time. If time constraint, you would not hear a single sound from us...

Me and Fong Yi...

Sook Lei and I...(ignore the 2 teddy, it does not belong to me..just hold for the fun of it)..haha..

This is the few friends that I just found and hope to sail along with them in the journey of my life...hahah...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shi Yun and Wai Ming birthday celebration..

I will not say more but let the pictures do the talking because this pictures I should upload ages ago but till now only I upload it..haha..

The 2 birthday girls with us..

The 1st picture of us in the 1st position..

The 2nd picture of us in the 2nd position..

The 3rd picture of us in the 3rd position..

This is the funky and informal side of us...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7...the complete set!

mickey @ minnie mouse...

the smiley and cool side of us...

Friday, July 18, 2008

The exhausted weeks in UPM!!

As been said that will say more about my new venture area UPM so now I will say more or less the dayss of torturing in UPM orientations week. I am mentally and physically torture when I was there. This is because I am having scoliosis problem and that down to infections making me having trouble moving around and what's more when I have to climb stairs most of the time. And I dare to say now I am having phobia on stairs. THE FEAR is THERE...haha..

You never know the true UPM, you never know the true College 2, and u definitely would not know the true colors of the seniors you saw in COLLEGE 2. The Chinese seniors are good because there are only a few of them partially only about 10 of them only but those Malays one are truly sickening to me. I cannot stand even to see them more than a second.

First, I have to see their annoying and irritating week during the Uni orientation but I still bare with it because in my mind I thought that is just a week of orientation and I might as well be patient with them. BUT to my dismay the orientation does not only stop after a week but it continues and continues with more and more orientations and I thoroughly makes me more fed up towards it already. After Uni orientation we have college orientation then block orientation and we even have the most ridiculous of all we got the FLOOR orientation means the floor that we are staying. THAT IS SIMPLY DRIVING ME MAD AND CRAZY! Is ok if they have orientation that can give us any knowledge or any information about the uni or what but this one is asking us to do nonsense stuff and what I can say is that it is really a waste of time.

We basically having few hours of sleep everyday and I think all this only happens to my college ONLY as I see my others friend from others college are not having the same problem as I am. Because of those orientation and those idioctic seniors ( I can't bear myself from calling that on them) and what comes to worst is that we have no time to study for our test and we are given so many of assingments, projects and presentations. Worst come to worst is that each time the lecture give us any task, he only give us 2 days time to complete it. So, we basically got no time to do it unless we stay awake and finish the task. ALL this must thanks to the "SUPER DUPER GREAT SENIORS".

Life in Uni is also a hectic one. Time wait for no tide. This is absolutely true. We got no time to slower down our pace where we can have slow and steady life style. We always the one who is rushing and running to catch for the time. Time aren't enough at all. We sometimes even have to catch for the bus...haha...cause we are lazy enough to walk around so we have to RUN and catch for the bus.

Basically I still need some time to adapt to the people and surroundings. For the mean time I am still very introvert because the friends I knew is not more than 10..haha..give me 10 fingers to count I still got balance..( I suppose) I must make more of new friends so that I am not that boring and lonely. For now, I am still in the process of learning and in the process of getting into the new life and the beginning of my new journey. As far as I knew, I am still a little of homesick. I still miss my parents back here, my two cutie and miss almost everything here. Even tough my uni are not far from here and compared to those who are far apart one I counted the lucky ones already that can come home every week despite rain or shines..haha...

Cannot blame me for having those home sick feelings because I seriously miss many things here. Not to leave behind too, I really miss .... Counting the days that are left, is really a sad emotions to me and knowing that the time left for me to appreaciate and treasure the moments is really very little. And that is also one of the reason why I am back every week. Hopefully time passes slow a little bit and let me have more time to do the things that I want to do....

Ok, that's all for now..a little bit lazy to say more already..hahah...

Saturday, July 5, 2008


It has been a long time since I last blog in. This is because was busy with my Uni entering. Then inside there still can't online and so on.

More or less, share something bout my new journey...Venturing into Putra University of Malaysia. The first day I step into the Uni, it gives me two types of sensation. The first sensation is I am proud to be there and the second sensation is I don't have any sense of belonging to the new area yet. But I was amaze with the very systematic way of the uni handling the new student. They make the registration day very smooth and we do not need to wait for a long time just to get ourself register.

Then as I step in to my college room, I find it nice and comfortable especially the environment. BUT something which is not that good is my room was in the 4th floor. Imagine have to climb up the stairs everyday, that will be tiring and fatigue..haha...after all, when think back my room window view was nice so it does not give me any uneasy feeling anymore. Then the second good thing about my block level is only a few MALAYS. The chinese dominate the block the window of my room, can actually see nice and wonderful scenery of KL. The twin tower, the kl tower and lots more tall building are always on my eyes sight. Not forgetting too, the Genting Highlands which is far but can have a sight from my room. That is absolutely wonderful...

Then from college to my faculty; Faculty of Human Ecology is also another problem. WHY? because it is very far. If the weather is good then ok la, can slowly walk like exercise but if the weather is DAMN hot or raining then sure very terrible already. But overall the place is OK. At least it is new and the air conditioner is cold enough to make the water turn ice.

So more or less, I say something about it. Will say more next time after I venture finish.