Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas. .

Merry Christmas to everyone. A season to be jolly and be happy. A Christmas hug to everyone.

Every year, Christmas to me is a time for celebration, hang out, counting down and the list continues.  However, as the years past Christmas seems to have another meaning for me. It isn't completely about celebration but who you celebrated with in the warmth season.

I had a very simple celebration tis year with a blessed dinner with my family and a nice talking with my closest friend. I think for me this is more than enough and I do apprrciate and cherished the moment of it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I am YOUNG!!

But then..... It seems like I am about to the ageing road. GOD knows why.
Another 1 more year down the road I am sure I will look like maybe an aunty at the age of 40 plus...
The over worked and tiredness in me, will be the main and biggest issue. 

And the songs that always played in my mind will be we are young and my friend version of I gonna live my life. This is the 2 songs that always sang by us. But I am pretty sure that this is going to be song and not going to happen in reality. That's LIFE!

Take it or leave it, do it or leave it, work now or later...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hold on to the strength~~

There are times in life or shall I shall there are days in a week that I will have a strong urge to actually quit my job and give up on whatever things it is now. The fame, glory, name, reputation and all you name it just dump it and forget about it. I seriously do not know and do not dare to think where should I be heading to 2 years down the road.

Will it still be the same old road?

Will everything still be the same?

Yet, again and again it is an answer yet to perplexed in my mind. I hope someone or GOD answered my prayers. There are times I do enjoyed working in a hotel industry but there are times too, I feel like I want to give up. The stress and the work load is something that is unexplainable. The time I at home is basically less than 6 hours everyday. My bedroom is like a rental room and my bed is just for me to sleep.

My oh My....
Teach me and tell me how am I supposed to live my life?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My little ramblings..

I gonna live my life.... this is a phrase that has been always uttered by me and my colleagues. Why do we need to say so?

BECAUSE we are all hoteliers. Hoteliers do not have their life... Sometimes, I do regret as I had stepped in to the wrong working industry but at times, I do enjoy my work just that I had to bare with the long working hours. That's working life I supposed. At the end of the day, I will asked myself that is that worth to work like this? Well, its has never been answered and yet to perplex in my mind.

But, I always feel that I am the lucky ones that at the end of the day there is always someone there to help me and hear all my grumbles. How lucky is that could be? Sometimes, that is what we need. After a tiring day of work, just a little voice telling you that everything will be alright. That's the sense of comfort.

After I got myself promoted, I had been very busy and stressful. At some point of time, I really lost my way of life. I did not know what to do and what is next...Again, there is this little voice that comfort me and says everything will be alright. Just be confident with yourself. I guess that's what we need. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hotel Equatorial Melaka Annual Dinner (03.10.2012)

                                 A night full of celebrities and laughter...

With the theme "Tiru Macam Saya" we rockzzz the night.. All I can say was it was a great night with full of laughter to see all of EQ hotel staff dress like a celebrity or anybody that they wish they want to be. From Cat woman, to orang minyak, to zorro and lots more. As long as you name it, is all there that night.

The statue for us to snap photos.. we have spiderman and superman. 

The red carpet with photographers..

Our grand stage..

The winner of the best dress... Orang minyak vs catwoman

The Sales & Marketing Department Team

My crazy fellow colleagues..

All the pretty girls that night..

After all the disturbing and teasing around, finally we got a photo. 
Wasted my time posing for camera. 

With all my lovely ones..

The 3 crazy trios that clicked together ALWAYS..

Us with our General Manager, Dato' Syed. 

Me with Liana, The lady from Brazil.

My Nie-Gel boy..

With another cat woman..

With Asy @ Chun Li..

Us with Marilyn Monroe..

With Catherine

With Linda who is going to leave us in 2 weeks time..

With both of them who is going to leave EQ..

Bro's Birthday~~

I have been neglecting my blog recently and been very busy with others things though. I wish to have more time to myself. But working in a hotel industry, you ain't got time to yourself. So thinking to join hotel industry?? Think twice... and being in this industry, is ain't easy. You need to sacrifice most of the things in your life and for sure is your OWN LIFE! But you will enjoy it if you love it. 

On Sept 22, I had a small birthday celebration for my bro with my family. It was a simple celebration at Kampachi (Japanese Restaurant) with just the four of us. Nothing beats the ecstatic joy of enjoying it with your beloved family. I treasured my time with them...

                                  The cake of the month, Charcoal cake.. Really yummy-licious. 

With my beloved mum and dad...

The happy bro..

My bro and I..

Mum and I with the birthday boy..

Mum and bro..


Saturday, August 18, 2012


Yes... I am totally missing in action. Is not because I am lazy but it happens only because I really had little time on this. In this event, I had and no choice but got to give up on writing. GOD knows, I got so much to upload and blog about. So stay tuned for more.. Do not give up on my blog for at least you know that it is still alive. 

What to say now? I got no idea... I just can say wait for my next post. I got lots of pictures to upload.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My 24th Birthday Celebrations...

260412, another birthday celebration for me~ a year older and wiser….
And a memorable birthday celebrations do not have to cost a fortune for it. 
It was always great to have yourself surrounded by a group of mates or friends that never failed to wish you and surprise you.Is a blessing to have them in the journey of my life going through all the uphill slope.

Happy Birthday to me! 24 is just a number..
With all the lovely colleagues.
A present from my boss. I wish it was a sincere gift from him, however he prank me with a "tricky" chocolates with no filling. Such a "NICE" boss I have.

Have a clear look on what my boss is pointing behind me...
Is a BIRTHDAY CARD for me...
The birthday card my boss asks to make for me. Just look how bad and hilarious my boss can be. Super imposed my face on a fat girl.. I had a great laugh when I looked at the card. Seriously, I never thought of it. 
A celebration with my lovely peer friends at Library Melaka. Thanks for the present..

We still sail along and together after so many years... and yes, is just a number after all. The heart that counts at the end of the day.

A nice hi-tea and catching up with Michelle and her 2 kiddos. Is always nice to hang up with them.

With the 2 kiddos that never failed to make me laugh. Their simple mind set and the naive part of them.
A specially drawn card by Michelle's daughter; Fanai. How thoughtful can this 8 years old girl can be.

All the pressie from the person I cherished in my life.. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

The not-so-nice RICE. I did not even finish my rice.

Not to forget, fine dining at Renaissance's Olio Italian Restaurant. It was a night that will always remarkable in me. The food there is so so only despite the highly price of the food. The main course is the worst of all. I think any mamak stall can give you a better fried rice then what they have in there. I wouldn't recommend any of you to have your fine dining there but maybe ala-carte yes.However, I still want to thank the thought of bringing me there for the fine-dining on my birthday itself. Thank you! Since I am not the one who pay for it, so better do not complaint that much. Still a heartfelt thank you...

Dessert - Raspberry Sorbet. Rate: 70/100

That don't know what rice... Rate: 20/100. Any mamak/malay hawkers can provide you with better taste

Thank you so much to my colleagues and my lovely friends who made my day. I love you all very much for the wonderful feelings you gave me on my special day and made it the most memorable birthday of my life. God bless you. :) Not to forget all the birthday wishes and birthday pressie. Is remarkable.