Saturday, September 26, 2009

~Life Sour transform into Life Sweetness~


I find it very true...
Our life were full of ups and down..
5 tastes all available;
pungent, and
the most hard taste in life was SOUR..

If your life was LEMON,
YOU MUST turn it into LEMONADE..
My life was not only one LEMON,
but I felt my life was full with LEMON..
I do hope that I can turn all the lemon into
I hope I can,
I believe I can..

To peoples out there,
if life was sour to you just like a LEMON,
Don't Worry, Don't Give Up..
but Be Happy
and turn your life into LEMONADE..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Outing with friends..

It has been a long time since we last we last met. So we decided to go out on Tues night. It supposed to be on last Saturday but due to certain reason we have to delay it. BUT luckily we still managed to hook up before Wai Ming went back to London yesterday. All things when up well except the wrong choosen cafe; Eikyi Musicafe that situated some where in Melaka Raya...(*sorry for the low quality of cafe) I felt so disappointed with the cafe because from the flyer that been distributed from house to house, the cafe looks amazing but when I reached there and step in, I was way too shock and disappointed. It wasn't that good. Drinks so-so, foods so-so...And the worst is they have a very talkative boss @ waiter. I'm not sure whether it is a good thing or not, or the person there trying to be friendly with us BUT it was way too "friendly" which make the situation seems irritating. Then after chit-chatting for about an hour plus, we decided to pay a visit to Wai Ming's new house. Her house is big and I love her house balcony cause it is spacious...... after that, sit down talk again...well, when a group of girl's friends get together this will the slot of the day and we end up our day with pictures.........

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The birth..

From small till big...(not that big, not even 2 years old)...till now she has give birth to 6 puppies but 1 pass away. Little wealthy give birth on 2 weeks ago, which is on the 10 September 2009. To many people surprise, 6 puppies were all black in color which has more of the male black labrador gene. There is only one which is chocolate-black.. Many people were wondering how come a brown color dog can produced out 5 black color puppies?? To one answer, male gene more strong..haha...

Little Wealthy when she was a month old...

Little Wealthy with her 6 months old look..

the 5 black labrador puppies on their first day of birth..

sleeping soundly...

feeding milk-milk...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is a long long looooong night..

Like most people, I am some one who loves to sleep.
For the sake of saying, who doesn't love to sleep??
I guess no one, unless that person is having insomnia.
BUT, I am dying to sleep but I can't.
Is not that I am having insomnia but is because I CAN'T.
Is a lame reason....

I really no idea what can I do at such hour.
On my laptop but I got no ideas what can I do?
Play game?...NO, as I am bored.
Watch movie?...NO, too..
Here I am blogging out what I would want to say but no one to share..(but it seems so personal)..

Many things had happened for the past couple of days and perhaps weeks..
Some are happy incidents but some are way too sad...
I can't recall countless time my tears shed..
Can't recall countless time I tried to hide under my pillow..
And definitely can't recall countless time I need a shoulder to share on...

Happy moments pass swiftly,
but sad moments seems to stop without moving..
just like now~~
Tik, Tok...Tik, Tik, Tik, Tok....
Time is passing really slow..
When I want the time to slow,
the time will always march swiftly..
when I want the time to march with a fasten pace,
it seems like it was crawling like a tortoise...

GOD, help me...
Give me strength in everything I do..
Give me inner spirit for me to stand still..
Give me a spoon to scoop away all the sadness..
Give me time that enough for me to redeem anything that I am suppose to redeem,
and lastly, give me time to be with my loved ones...

I really got many things to upload,
time is just ain't no enough..
when I have the time,
I wasn't in the mood..

I want to earn money..
dying hard for money..
where can I get money,
robbing the bank..

Till then...
back to my bed continue to stare at the blank ceiling..
hopping for a better day tomorrow,
a nice and beautiful RAINBOW that smile to me after a rainy day...


Sunday, September 6, 2009


Disappointment is the worst feeling in the whole wide world...


No words can really express how I felt. Really NO WORDS! Is way too dull and disappointed...I hate those feelings of being treated unkind and not well. I hate! I hate when people treat me as though I am invisible. In fact, I was there...I HATE!