Sunday, December 27, 2009

A New Year..

Goodbye and Hello..
Time to bid farewell to yet another year time flew..
Time to wrap up feelings of resentment, frustation and sadness.
Time to reflect..
to see if we have lived up to our goals..
Fret not if your lists of success of to do seems little
Rejoice in what you have managed to achieve, however little.
Most importantly, forgive yourself for all the wrong that you have done this year, if none forgives you..
A new year awaits earnestly,
for us to once again make resolutions and goals..
Though it may not emerge as a success,
we should still make the resolutions as we need to set a road for us..
It may not be a road less travelled,
it is our own...
Have a fantabulous 2010 my dear friends,
may we all complete each other...
walk with me,
Penny @ Pey Yein...

Friday, December 25, 2009

My day of Christmas..

Since I wasn't a Christian nor a Catholic; so it wasn't a day for me to celebrate neither. It was just a day for me to enjoy myself as it was a jolly season. On the Christmas Eve, I went out with my family and have a great dinner. It was a fine dining but I was plenty of markable enjoyable time with them. This is where the bridge of family pours in. After dinner we went round the town but it was whole lots of jammed near Malacca town so we head to a place where less cars and probably less people....Straight headed up to Klebang Beach and Everly Resort Hotel. The hotel used to be a popular once upon by the name of Riviera Bay but now it turns like a quiet hotel with all own its own. The christmas deco was so-so only and not many guest check in there. After we had a nice smooching breeze, we head back home and by that time it was already MERRY CHRISTMAS~~~

On the Christmas day, nothing much happening as it was just another holiday yet to be enjoyed with my family.... and this is how I spend my Christmas day..

When it comes to Christmas, realizing that it was also the time for me to pack my belongings and back to Uni soon. It was hell for me. I hate going back UNI. Lots of reason for me to hate but there is no reason for me to like beside best people that surround me over there. However, I need to face the fact that I must go back and persuade my studies..(slap my face for waking up)..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas..

Merry Christmas 2009!

Want to take this opportunity to wish all my friends "Merry Christmas". May all of you all enjoy the most adventurous season over the year and stay jolly always.. May you all have the utmost blessed in the season in which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.

~~Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it the most~~

Penny @ Pey Yein..


Went for an outing with them yesterday; 23 Dec 2009 and that should also mark our last outing for the year 2009. Coming on will be the year 2010, so we shall see when will be our next outing. We start off our dinner at Coconut House then to Li Chia's dad hotel; Courtyard and then to Far East Cafe. It was a relaxing moments with them cause that is the time we share most of the stories, gossips, drama series and lots more. We seldom take pictures when we were out but this time we took pictures.....(actually is for some purposes)...haha....This time we really took many pictures but my cameras only a few only. So I only uplaod a few of those choosen pictures to be uploaded in my blog..haha...the rest, see it on FACEBOOK...haha...have a look, the choosen pictures..hahaha....

Shi Yun with the cafe's menu..

Ai Yun advertising the new camera...

Li Chia seeing the menu..

Lastly, our drinks...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


As I mentioned earlier (previous post), I will upload those pictures of the annual dinner event once I get hold of it. So I managed to take a few of the pictures from my boss but not all. Cause there are really many pictures but I only choosed a few to upload only. If I were to upload all the pictures, it will takes me days to complete it....

The prop..

Preparing the prop...Doing it under the hot sun wasn't an easy task..

Performer for that "hawaiian night"; Fire eater...

The guest playing "Limbo Rock"

The dessert....gosh, the foods for that night was awesome but I never get to eat it..

The face painter...

Annual Dinner Night; Theme : "Twilight Masquerade"

The guest playing some sort of game..

The mask..
Jester with the receptionists..
Random guest of the night...
Entertainer : Stick walker; he can actually run, dance, and everything with the stick...Mind you, behind the curtain, he was just a normal young guy with a handsome and cute looking...
DJ's of the night...

Wonderful and great dancers from KL...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Drama Series..

Currently watching D.I.E Again. This show broadcast few months back but I now only got time to watch it. A very hilarious and funny show. Is my all time movie now if I did not work or no other nice movie on tv for me to watch. Must thanks to the people who created PPStream and then upload the movie to it. If not, I will not be able to watch this show...haha.. Not to forget too, I must thanks to Reiko for telling me the pinyin for this show. If not, I won't be able to watch this show too...haha..

Friday, December 18, 2009

New blog templates...

Finally, I have changed my blog template to the new one. It has been so long I had used the black skins and the so-so template. I get bored of it so I have to a new one now. It's so hard to get a template that actually catched my eyes. I have been browsing here and there to search and finally I get this one. I do not know why I will choose this but maybe it caught my first eyes sight..haha...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Event for Deleum Corporations...

Just finish doing event in Port Dickson yesterday. It was a 2 days event for Deleum Corporations Family day and Annual Dinner. It was a great happening for them and also a hard job for all of us. We have been busy for the past 1 week just to finish all the props in time. 1 weeks is really ain't enough because there are really many jobs to prepare. But thank god, everything end up pretty well and I might say is GOOD. Our hard work finally pay off.

So Friday morning we travelled up to Port Dickson and stayed a night there. Once we reached the hotel only, we have to unload all our stuff; our props and sounds system. Those sounds system and lighting was hell so heavy. Oh ya, the hotel was Thristle Hotel. This hotel was amazing. Have a very very nice sea scenery. Then at night, it was the dinner night. The theme was Hawaiian Luau. Those guest dress with fancy-full dress of Hawaiian look. Some were funny, some were nice.

The backdrop and some of the prop...part of it only..
The surf board..

The event place..

The second night which is on Saturday was the annual dinner. Theme : Twilight Masquarade. Another grand event and was fastastic where they have international emcees alvin .... (can't remember his name). He makes the whole event looks so much better and full of fun. The event supposed to end at 12.00am but the thing prolong until 1am because they want to shake their butt on the dance floor. Poor us that we have to wait for them to finish so that we can do the closing up. So by the time we finish packing is already 2.30am then we head on to eat until 3.30am then off back to malacca. I was driving back and I felt as I drove, my eyelids were to close down. Then I tuned in to the radio as loud as I can just to make sure I am awake. So all the way back and reached back Malacca around 4.30am, unloaded those stuff and head back to home at 5.30am. The tiredness that lye in me was unexplainable. But I had a great time even though through out the event I had a great pressure. It gave me a good experiences.

Balloons with helium gas to filled the ballroom. The process of tying the balloons wasn't easy at all. Looks easy but not..

P/S: Will upload more pictures when I get hold of it...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Briefing at DiGi Centre...

I just attended the few hours briefing at Digi Centre for the new postpaid plan this afternoon. It was just a simple and carefree briefing where only 8 of us attended plus one "talker" @ Mr. Chan. Anyway, it was a fun one..haha..

our group picture...

Mr. Chan acts us the most tricky customer...
KY (the white shirt) acts as a guy who promoting DiGi products...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


All those pictures were taken some times ago, but I just either forgot about it or I was no time to do any blogging at that moment. So now, post the pictures out. The pictures were taken at Fraser's Hill and Klebang Beach....

colorful flowers..

old post office at Fraser's Hill..

thick and cool mist..

the beach..

the sun..

the rhinestone cowboy..

there is no end point on the earth...