Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brand New Day~

Well, is another brand new day..a brand new morning. There is no sun this morning as I woke up and get myself to work but it was a rather nice and chilling weather. But I always believe that there will always be blue, bright and beautiful skies after a heavy storm. HOPE is always there for each and everyone of us if we believe in it. But the most important thing is SMILE. Smile for the day, smile to people and who knows your smile could had just brighten peoples day away.

There is just something not right when I woke up today cause everyday when I woke up, I will have those super reluctant feelings to get ready to go work but today I had the urge of waking up. That's like not me and I doubt why I am feelings such feelings. Definitely it won't be the feelings that I am falling in love with my job. But what I can say is that the only thing that motivates me to be here every morning even without mission and vission will be dressing up or doll up myself well just to ensure that I do not look like those aunties as I need not have to wear the uniform of theirs. So, dressing up and looking good everyday to work is a must for me! In fact, I dress up to be at work as flower pot only. For display purposes and JUST HOPING that I might meet any good looking guys coming into my office but I willl end up in disappointment each day cause there won't be anyone except the 3 men who is already uncles which I consider and passing by my glass window everyday also UNCLES! I am working in a place which full of uncles and aunties. Making my day seems so dull..hahaha.. Where are those hot looking guys?? guess I won't meet them over my place here. It will be a NO at my work place...

Somehow, I shall stop complaning but we human just have a weakness where we tend not to appreciate what we are having now. That's HUMAN nature..I hope some one over there will actually agree with what I am saying. Anyway, it's Friday already. I always oriented for Friday to arrive as I knew weekend is just hanging on over there. But when Sunday arrive, I will be slightly moody cause is a long week of Monday arriving. But me sometimes just being positive that there will not be Friday, Saturday and Sunday if Monday do not arrive. The world is moving...So accept it with an open heart. That's what I am telling myself always even I do complaint like loads at the end of the day. And what's more this Saturday where I am meeting my long longing and still counting the years peers friends. Always wanna and oriented to meet them because when I am with them, that's the moment where I always treasure for how I know I do not need to poker with them. I can just be the true me. And despite the distance and the busy working schedule of yours, we never and we shall not say we had lost contact and all this thanks to the techno world. We are getting in touch always... That's the good deal about it.

Lastly, just wanna share with all peoples out there a nice picture of LIFE. What's the meaning of life? Whatever you want it to be.. So, live your life to the fullest. The skies will change color, the day will arrive, so we shall just live our life as we will not know what if tomorrow never comes..

P/S: I had change the background of my blog cause I found out that too many dollars notes can just made the eyes seems so least now, it seems better.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A month of work~~

Finally, I reached a month full of working days.. Is like really finally and I could not believe that I can survived for a month over here..haha.. Let's see for how long more I can survive. For I hope to survive until my 3 months of confirmation. At least there will be a good sign and *touch wood* IF I don't get confirmation by 3 months, I will just say byebye and sayonara. So long we farewell..haha..

The moment I stepped my legs on the doorstep on my office, I already start counting down the time I am finished work. Could you believe it? A worker like me need to countdown I a good worker?? I try asking myself this too..haha.. I came to work with no mission and vission. All I have was to fb, to blog, to tweet, to tumblr, to read newspaper, hear music and play games. Now you see, am I a good worker?? Proud to say, I am. Self-proclaim..haha..

What is more happy then receiving salary at the end of the month..Yeah, got money already. No need to suffer with the fact that no money making me a dull person with no entertainment, no nice food, and etc. In conclusion, no money is really SHIT~~~ I need money. I always dream of money dropping from the sky each time I walk on the street but it seems my dream never come true yet, till now..So sad..hahahah...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sleep More & Lose Weight!

Doctors at East Virginia Medical School in Northfolk, USA, have found that an effortless way to loose weight could be to sleep for an extra 20 minutes every night. The team studied 1,000 volunteers and found those who were of normal weight, having a body mass index of less than 25, on average slept for 16 minutes more a day than those who were overweight or obese. They say the hormonal changes that increase appetite may result from insufficient sleep. The researchers also found that men tended to sleep for 27 minutes less every day than women on average. A separate study found that those who slept for five hours a night had higher levels of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates appetite.

See, that's the good deal of sleeping and sleeping and sleeping non-stop..haha..At least it is a good deal for those who wanna keep fit and lose weight. But it seems like how much I sleep also, the result is still the same..haha..I still tend to eat more even thought I slept more than 5 hours nowadays. So now who says sleeping is not good?? Sleeping is good! I always agree to the point that I can sleep all day long especially early in the morning when I do not feel like waking up and I would just love the fact to sleep all day. Sometimes, I do wish for that.

Now everyone could sleep where it is practical than everyone would fly..ops, does it make sense?? hahah...IGNORE!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Is a LAZY day~~

As I woke up this morning, the weather seems so nice to me. I can still see the rain drops from the leaves and trees, and definitely a cooling nice sense of the morning mist. As I walked down to the garden of my house to the praying house, I was like thinking in my mind...How nice if I could on the bed now instead of waking up and looking so no enthusiastic to work. Even my dog was sleeping under the car...pheww~~~ What a morning Tuesday!

Then, as I was taking my breakfast and there it comes a heavy downpour of rain. GOSH, that's the moment I told my mum I hope I was on my bed now. The sudden urge of just ignoring my work and continue back to sleep with Bruno Mars; Lazy song playing on my mind. With that, I really got the lazy nerve of doing anything. I just want to sleep and sleep and just enjoy my time on the bed rather than back to office and blog. Hell ya, I can just blog at home instead of wasting my time blogging at office here just to get sure that I had waste at least a minimum of 10 mins. I hope I do waste more than that.

Before my boss arrived, I just not in the urge to do any office stuff. I would just waste my 3 hours early in the morning, checking my own mails, using facebook, blogging, browsing through the webpage and waiting for my boss to arrive and till then I will only start my work.

Now, you see...the life of a secretary. It can be busy at times, but it can be superb free. But most of the time I am free especially when my boss was away to outstation or overseas. Here he is, flying off to Hong Kong on a week trip starting on 28th June. I will have my own time all by then and making sure that I back home sharp on time despite need to wait for my boss until so late everyday. Here, you see the reason why I do not start work early in the morning cause I knew that I will still had to be here even though office hours end. So, I just keep my works till the last. Basically, my work is just see see, look look, check check, chop chop, sign sign and once in awhile doing some correspondence and reservation.

And it was really true that once you start working, ones will seems tired all the time and you seems like not enough time to rest only. But all this is a sign on we are adult already. Last time, when I worked as event organizer even though the work is like super tiring without resting, working late at night but I am happy working on it. I am happy doing this job and seeing the satisfaction I got after each event succesfully organize. But now, I do not have any satisfaction from my work. I am here just to take salary...but I can foresee, I won't be here long. My bro can says that he is giving me 5 months to work over here and he can predict that I am leaving soon. haha...I believe what he says seems right too.... Well, let's us see how it goes by now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

~Happy Blessed Father's Day~

Normally, tribute will always go to mother and ppl will tend to celebrate mother's day more than father's day but I am giving the same appreciation and attribute to my dearest daddy who is the hero in my life. Hoola, yeah.. I LOVE MY DAD!

My dad has been the greatest person in my life. He has sacrifice most of the things that he could just to bring us a better life. My dad is like a commander back then in the house. There should not be any slouching, swearing, we must always be in our best attitude where ever we are and thousand of others do and dons. And with that it has shaped me and my bro to the person we are today. We understand all his hardship in bringing us up despite all the ups and down around us. He has never give up to show his love and concern to us, even though sometimes we do not really agree on what he done..haha..well, that is the naughty side of us. And I believe if everyday we treat our dad good, everyday is a father's day to him and not only this special particular day.

for all those times I left it unsaid...
Thank You.
Thanks for being there for me..
For being patient with me even when
I made it difficult for you..
For believing in me and encouraging me to dream..
and being such an inspiring presence in my life.
You've seen me laugh,
You've seen me cry,
And always you were there with me,
I may not have always said it,
But thanks, I love you....
Happy Father's Day, daddy~~

Love always...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Guys SUCK!

Why do I wanna say until so harsh when mentioning about guys?? Guys are really that sucks sometimes. They are really a moron who do not care others peoples' feelings. However, I am writting this not to all guys but to a particular group of guys who falls under this. And I think most of the guys do fall on this matter.

And guys are in the most suck situation when they told you that they wanna go after a best friend of yours. GOD damn! If I am the particular person who heard this when the person I care and I love and I treasure the most told me, I think I will be heart broken. Here they are, they will never appreaciate whatever things they had but they will go on and on to find a more beautiful young ladies. But they never know that true beauties not only behold on the outer part but also the inner beauty that ones had. If you are pretty in the outside, that is only packaging....

That is the reason why I am still single right till now because I never ever trust guys. They can say like 10001 things good in front of you but hey yeah, once turn back they are like DEVIL! You never know what are they doing and in turn, they might just hurt you deeply.

I hope I never hurt any guys feelings who read on my blog. No offence but is just a shout loud...

Friday, June 17, 2011


I hate the fact that I need to wake up blardy early to work. I hate the fact that I am waking up where my whole family are still sleeping including my dog. I hate the fact that SATURDAY is a working day for me. My Oh My... Argh~~ I am so reluctant to wake up. And now you see, I am in my office now, doing nothing but blogging. Is such a waste of resources and electricity to work on Saturday.

I had a very old and conservative minded boss. He still die die wanna work on Saturday even though his son had proposed to him not to work on SAT for the office peoples. I damn agree with his son but I am super not agree with my boss who says: NO!

I am getting tired of waking up as early as 6.45am everyday, having heavy head and mind and basically I am lazy to work. Everyday coming to work with sleepy eyes and heavy hearted. This is a sign that I am showing no more interest on my job already. I can foresee that I will not have any prospect in here and I am leaving soon. SOON! haha.. No doubt, this job do give me lots of benefits and some advantages where not everywhere I can get but is a boring job where I am doing the same old routine every day.

Seeing those aunties does not ease away my working life and I am super boring working with this bunce of aunties witht their yack-a-LOT mouths. Sometimes I am just wondering can they shut for a moment? Once they open their mouth only, the words keep coming out like machine gun...GOSH! I thank GOD that I do not need to sit same area with them, if not I think I will not be able to stand it. NO matter there is work or without work, they still talk, gossips and yack non stop. Wonder again, will their mouth be tired??

I am not so sure, how long some more I am going to be here but I forecast and wish to leave here as soon as possible...Wonder will it be years, months, or days? All this yet to perplexed in my mind.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


It was rather sad to hear news of someone that you knew and someone that you love had left you for a better place and better living. Yesterday, early morning about 8 plus, my mum kept calling my hp but I was away from my office and hp wasn't with me. When I looked back at my hp an hour later, I was ashock with the numbers of incoming calls from my mum and in my heart I sense something bad as my mum would not called me so many times, if there isn't any important matters. I was sad the momebt when I called back to my mum and know the news that my granduncle had passed away in the wee hours of morning due to lung infection. I was rather moody after hearing and receiving the news about it. Right after work, I quickly fastened my pace back to my maternal grandparents' house and my heart sunk when saw the picture altar of my granduncle. He do not have family and my grandpa was his brother and dear family to him only. Therefore, he is someone we respect and we cherish when we were with him. However, things aren't the same anymore. He is now gone and we will always miss him dearly as always. Rest in peace~~~ GOD bless!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Office Politics..

Well, every office or company or organizations will definitely had conflict. And I think the place that I worked over here are not exceptional for this reason too. Everyday you can see those aunties grouping together and here they are start to gossips non-stop. From the time they start to break till the time the break end. GOSH, I wonder what so nice to talk about others peoples. What worst was that there are few of them who are back-stabbers..Herm, I just started to work here for like 4 days and those true colors are finally revealed. And I seriously do not understand why they need to back-stab on peoples. What benefits could they get?? I would just give you a not so proud title - "Apple Polisher". We are only human and no one should claim herself a perfection, so what is the used of back-stabbing and keep complaining about others people. Just mind your business and shut the mouth will do. This is what I consider as office politic is always ahead the office communication!

Sometimes, it can be very sick to look at their face. I wanna puke when I look on them. I thank GOD that I do not need to face them all the time if not I gotta be a professional poker face too. I just do not understand for those who like to involve herself or create such a practice, I hereby think that she did not think about the matter seriously. Will she happy after seeing others suffer because of her creation or will she feel miserable after people found out the truth of saying? I wonder do they ask themselves what kind of human they are that they should hurt someone else just because of jealousy and hatreds or shall I call this as a revenge?

They are all adult and mature young ladies which I consider them as aunties, but I wonder why their brain and mind are so narrow. Can't they think properly. Finally, I please and I hope that they make good use of their tongue that given as a precious gift by GOD, not just talking somebody bad's and advertising their good's, and first of all they themselves should weigh the bad's and good's of themselves before telling somebody... I hope they have their mind and brain on the right side and not on their ass. They never know that words of mouth from them can actually create havoc.

And aunties are forever and still being aunties. They and their never ending stories to talk on. Even 28-30 years old ladies are behaving themselves like 40 years old aunty already when they join in and yack along....

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am so freaking tired recently. Partially is because I had start to work and waking up as early as 6.45am everyday does not ease my sleepy eyes away. In between too, I was down with sickness. Taking those medicines making me wanna sleep all the time and I seem so blur. Sickness please GO AWAY! Somehow, I did enjoy my Saturday today being lazy all the time at home. That's like life good deal..haha..

I had like so much things to say and to talk about but yet I do not know where should I start from. erhmm..and I think this is really a random post. Arghh..sometimes I wonder, do I have split personalities..haha..In one second, I am just like a normal person..but in another second, I do not know who am I..haha..I am acting weird sometimes. See, I do not know what I am posting up too. This post is like so no sequence and words are like up-side down. Allowed me for that... I am under depression?? I think boring suits me more..hahaha...
People who do not allowed me to be in such emotion, please stop not scroll down anymore. WARNING!

What's next?? hahaha...super random~
Erhm...I wanna take this great opportunity to thanks to several people who had given me all it takes to be me today. First, definitely will be my parents, my family. They had given me the utmost concern and everything I want. I am nothing without them. My friends who had sailed together with me, happy with me, sad with me and generally all the good time together... and the one who I always wanna thank as he/she has been with me through thick and thin of my life. No matter I am sick or healthy, no matter I am rich or poor, no matter I am sad or happy..he/she is there for me. But for me to say thanks there will be like so many people to say. No matter how,in every action we take it is based with LOVE and SINCERITY. So, appreaciate each and every person that is around us. What IF tomorrow never comes??

At the end of everything, I'm glad I still have a place I truly feel safe and warm. Between, with all the great peoples around me. I always thank GOD for what I am having now.

P/S: Oh ya, I have changed my template background to dollars notes. Cause I am crazy with $$$ recently..hahaha.. I need $$$!! (Wondering, who does not need it?)

Friday, June 3, 2011

My workplace...

Yeah, finally my worries are gone for the current moment. My working days for 3 days wasn't that bad after all beside boring everything just seems alright to me and the not so good idea of waking up early and going to work. But what is the worst thing to come is that 1st day of work - down with little sickness, 2nd day - fever during working hours and I gotta bare with it until go back, 3rd day - flu and head trembling..Guess this was a great idea to welcome me to working life. The first 3 days is like orientation week to me. Nothing much beside seeing back those files and get myself familiar with the place and people. I got little problem with remembering those colleagues @ Aunty names... is like Miss this, Miss that, and Miss hard for me to remember and so many of them some more. Ops, do I mentioned, aunty?? Yeah, basically my work place is full of aunties and there is only 3 men who is working. So during lunch hour, you can hear those aunties gossiping inside the pantry and their topic can range from market to delivering babies to deities and so on. But I amjust a little bit lucky than the rest of them as I got my own room to work. I got my own computer, I got my own table, I got my own printer and everything is mine. Now, you see I am like the boss but by name just a small little secretary who enjoys all it takes to work..haha..Outsiders who do not know will start wondering, what is the pose this gal is holding..she can have her own room where others people gotta share in a big space outside.

My room, my table, my computer, my printer and etc...Proudly present the place where I work. However, not much of privacy as my room rather strategic and if you see, is mirror around me...

Basically, this 3 days are rather boring to me. I got not much work to do beside seeing those files and therefore, you can see files are everywhere on my table. *Eventually I just wanna show my hardworking am I only*..the truth was, it was just there for display..haha.. The first day, I do not dare to use the computer to online as I am afraid they can checked through the IP or any CCTV around me and I used my hp to online the whole day. Luckily got my hp to online, IF not, I wonder will the time tick-tock or not. Thanks to someone too who has accompanied me the whole day to chat. However, the 2nd day onwards I do not give a damn anymore and start using that to facebook and online..haha... What is life gotta be without online?

And this is non other than my boss room. Super big. He got his own toilet, a place to chill, a place to eat, a place to entertain customer, and definitely a work place. SUPER DAMN BIG. What I am snapping is just part of it only...

This is the sample of cakes, keropok and swiss roll. Everyday, they will have peoples sending all this over to my place for quality checking by my boss. After my boss checked, then all this foods will be in my room to entertain people who wanna eat and some will be put in pantry for other colleagues to eat. One day there will be 3 times where people will send all this over. Whoever wanna eat, let me know ya..I can get it for u..hahaha...

Swiss roll..

Under quality control check..

And this is how the smart me, minimize my fb chat until THIS SMALL so that no one else can see it..haha..this is also the way how I survive my 9 hours in office.. =)

This is how I survive my first 3 days of my working days. And I thank GOD, tomorrow is a public holiday....Can't imagine that I gotta work there on Sat. Make me depressed..hahaha.. My daily routines is to check faxes, check emails and read each emails before I forward it to the department in charge, checking those keropok thingy and the list continues..... Till then, will continue...