Monday, October 24, 2011

"Deepavali" angpow..

I had a super cranky and wacky boss. Look at what he gave us for Deepavali angpow. When he gave us that time, we were all super excited and pretty of excitement as we are guessing how much inside it or maybe what type of surprised my boss is giving us; maybe a piece of paper with motivational note?

Deng Deng Deng.... *music play* The moment you opened the red packet only, you will burst out laughing.

20 RUPEES...

I really go into speechless mode when I saw it. The first action that we did was quickly go into online currency converter and see how much it cost. To my surprised, it was only RM1.26. *bang to the wall and smash forehead* hahah..

And a little conversation between me and my boss will make you even irritate..
Boss: Eh, how much I give you arh?
Me: 20 rupees, boss..
Boss: Then had you counted, how much was it?
Me: Is only RM 1.26 only..
Boss: Wah, I give you so much arh... *turn and walkaway*
Me: Boss, can't even eat a plate of mee la..
Boss: Aiyah, you never know my hardship. I purposely go all the money changer counter to make it small change and not all money changer got small change.

Do not even wanna to answer him after that...

Just look on how cranky and wacky my boss can be. But is the heart that really count and not the amount of money.

Hereby, I am taking this opportunity to wish all Hindus a Happy Deepavali...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Convocation.. (18 Oct 2011)

I am finally and officially graduated after 3 years of hardship at Uni. Is like finally it came to an end of study life and there after you are going into the next phrase or next chapter of life. Memories remains and never can end. Those were the moments I had treasured the most in my life. Nothing can beats the ecstatic joys I had with all my Uni friends and definitely not to leave behind my housemates that had sails along with me. Its something I treasured the most.. On my journey of it, there are lots of knowledge, experiences and things that I gained but without peoples like my family and friends I would never go this far. I sincerely thanks them cavernous deep in my heart. 18 Oct, marked the day in my life as it was my CONVOCATION Day! It wasn't tat grand as I thought but who cares...Is just a few minutes of glamor and after that, it was nothing except photos and lots of yacking with friends.

My family.. Thanks a lot to them for all the unconditional mentally and physically support. Nothing I can say to express how much of gratitude and appreciation I had for them.

They are the biggest strength in my life~

We have some similarity, don't we?

The friends of mine that will make you burst out laughing all the times...

The friends that I clicked, from left: Dicky, Me, Heran and Patricia.

Ai Yun, who came all the way after class.. A million of thanks!

My family with Dr. Razak..

Dr. Razak...who takes his time to wait for me to come out from the hall and be the first to congrats me. How thoughtful of it and he has been a really superb nice lecturer. He has never even taught me once before... I stressed, NEVER! but believe it or not, we clicked well.

My 2 lovely "baskets" friends. They indeed a very nice person in my life. Wei Siong and Le Jie.. It is hilarious if we thought back how we met... Le Jie, the guy in Batik is the person whom I must speak to everyday. WE are just GREAT BUDDY.

Finally, my gifts and flowers from family and friends. Sincere thanks.. Appreciate every of it to the max.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hotel Equatorial Melaka Annual Dinner

My first ever annual dinner at EQ Malacca on the 14.10.2011. Since it was first, so it was really my first time attending it. It was really a night full with entertainment and program. From beauty pageant, to dance performance, to singing competition and all you can name it... Is really a night when all the staff gets the partay started! The theme for this year dinner is "Glamorous Night"; therefore, you can see all the pretty ladies doll up themselves with nice evening gown while the guys, sorry to say do not have any handsome ones..haha.. *to no offence* is just my personal perception. The ballroom itself also decorated with very nice backdrop and deco. So, let the pictures do the talking.

The ladies...

Two "handsome guys; Vincent and Daniel" with the ladies (from left: Me, Zoe, Michelle, Linda and Tafline)

The 3 that click together most of the time. Zoe and Michelle but sad to say, Zoe will be leaving soon to become teacher. I will had lesser friend in EQ already.

The ladies from sales & marketing team...

PR department rulez! Debbie, me and PY..

The guys from T&G academy. Make up and hair do sponsored by them. From left: Top model -Kelly, Andy - the choreographer, ME, Zoe, Langfrey - the cranky and wacky CEO of T&G Academy, and lastly Alvin - the cool and steady Director of T&G Academy. They are a nice bunch of peoples that I enjoyed working with them.

Vincent, our Catering and Convention Manager who never fails to disturb and tease me always... And he and his never ending lame jokes.

Unknown and My boss, Mr. Mario..

Ladies from different department join in the beauty pageant competition with their first round of traditional costumes.

The top 3 beauties...

EQ Malacca GM - Dato' Syed.

Friday, October 7, 2011

On track..

I finally got some extra quality time to spend on my blog. OMG, I just hope that I would be granted with more than 24 hours a day. I had been real busy and I think only the word busy suitable to lament what's life is about to me. Basically I do not have life and let it be a conclusion of all. Everyday I would be working my ass off until 8pm plus or maybe the earliest 7pm and the latest can be 11 pm plus..So what kind of life can I get? When I got a little of my rest time at home, I just want to be at home and sneaked into my bed and called it a day already.

With all those busyness in life, guess what.. I am not really complaning about it and instead I am facing everyday with a new challenge and giving myself loads of motivation to go down the road. I believe I had found the path and I am venturing into it. Life was hard now but I seriously believe no pain, no gain. Waking up every morning, and I am telling myself...Today is gonna be a great day!

But in terms of busyness, I always wanted for a break or maybe a day OFF. haha... *evil smile*..
Yeah, true..I am gonna have 2 days of leave on the 13th and 18th of Oct for my convo. Hooray and bravo; oriented for it. Meantime, i am really oriented on my convocation. Is like finally I am officially a graduate student of bachelor degrees...FINALLY..haha..