Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY 5th Day Gathering..

It has been a long time since I last met them (form 6 mates - Lee Yen, Shiek Ching, Kai Yin and Kian Tiong). Then yesterday, met them at geographer cafe. It always have been nice to meet them and not to forget have a few glasses with them. This is it..hahah... Then met up with my all time mates since primary except Chris. After much of talking we headed to Li Chia's place then celebrate the January and February babies... Rae Lynn, Ai yun and the just turn to 21st Chris.

Me and Lee Yen..

From left : Kian tiong, me, Lee Yen, Shiek Ching and Kai yin

same person but add Chris..

Me and Shiek Ching..

Me and Kai Yin..

Me, Kian tiong and Chris..

Primary Mates.. the birthday babies..
Birthday babies~~
Ai Yun, Chris and Rae Lynn ..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MOooore Pictures...

Since I am quite free so I just upload more pictures from the previous continue to peep on..

"arguing" cause want the mike..haha..

Singing right up to her throat..

thumbs up..

Room service...

Dicky and elwin..


being squeeze by them..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Another year had passed and now welcoming the year of tiger...
A year with full of spirit and energy...
I would like to wish my friends Happy Chinese New Year~~
May you all have a prosperous and smooth year ahead that grant you all with abundance of good things....

Friday, February 12, 2010

A night out..

A night out with my coursemates...
This post and those pictures I supposed to upload it long ago but due to time, I only can upload it now...sorry for the late post. And because that night was a long night, many pictures taken and it really take times for me to upload it. The one over here was just the selected out of the plenty that we took. Just by clicking here and there only, we have taken many pictures....
It was really an enjoyable night with them in 6 hours of karaoke session in Neway, Puchong with them on 20 January 2010. We sang, laughed, talked, jokes and generally having fun together all night long. Not to miss out, we drank a lot too...
We sing from 9pm till it ends which is 3am and then continue with mamak session till 5am. Back to clean and clear up is already 6am plus and then sleep for almost an hour, woke up and get ready for 8am class. We are super zombie that day. Now refresh back, wonder how we sneak through all those classes..
So peep through those pictures....Enjoy~~~

THE MICKEY MOUSE @ CHUN alike with that t-shirt..haha..

no idea what is this 2 fella doing, but look at that cute mickey...

Elwin with the sticking tongue...


heran and dicky...


crystal and elwin..


Hann Shyan and me..

the lovely couple..

Crystal and Reiko..

Reiko, Crystal, Hann Shyan and me..

Dicky and Patricia..

Chun Yip @ Mickey and Elwin..

Patricia and Reiko..

Hann Shyan and Patricia..

Chun Yip and Crystal..

Dicky and Crystal..

Heran and Crystal..

the 2 singers of the night..

Crystal, Saw Chen and Me..

Me and Elwin

Us...the one that always click together..

Crystal and Saw Chen ("the sisters")

Is getting high and high and high~~~

No idea what are they trying to pose...

Patricia and Me...

Act as though they are partner singers...What a classic one..

Beauty and the Beast...

New way of holding the mike...

Dicky and Heran with her birthday cake..

Group pictures..