Thursday, January 20, 2011

CNY pre-outing..

Yeah, Chinese New Year is drawing nearer and nearer as each day passes so fast now. A blink of eyes only, it has come to the end of January already and that means festive season mood is here already..haha..
On 17.1.2011 (Monday), my housemates and I eventually decided to go Genting for a breakway and some nice cooling breeze chill out. However, everything was not in plan when the day arrived so at the end, we decided to go Midvalley to hook on a movie and it shall mark as a day already. We watched "GREAT DAY" where it was a local made production movie; unfortunately the movie was not that GREAT after all. The movie was rather flat all the way, no critical part. It was a family movie which involved a lot of crying one I supposed but my friends and I ended up laughing most of the part as this movie was rather hilarious. If I were to rate this movie, I will rate it at 7/10 as I was not a big fan of local production movie.

After the movie, we headed down to do some window shopping around Midvalley and what's next? With girls around, it will be less fun without photo snapping and to feel the deco in Midvalley. This year around, the deco was so-so only compared to the christmas deco and one of my fren even say, they have finished up the budget to do christmas deco. And to certain extend, I find it true..haha..

Me and Patricia~

Heran and I..

4 of us.. from left: Crystal, Heran, Patricia and Me..

I now trying to recall back, why on earth we took photos with that 2 stuff. It wasn't really nice at all..

Friday, January 14, 2011

A kick start of 2011~~

Nothing could brings a much more blissful year with a great kick start for 2011. Everything started up well and I do hope it shall continue to sail ahead and ended up well too.

Even tough I got to work on the New Year's Eve, but there is nothing I could signify a great outing after work with the most greatest peers I ever had. They had made my day seems so much better for a good start and for a new beginning of the year. We shall continue to sail~~~~ They never failed to make me laugh and crank my nerve out. Nothing beats the ecstatic joys to be with them. I really had a great New Year celebration this year with drinking, laughing and giggling my day off.

From left: Kenn Tiong, Huan Wen, Soon Guan, Li Chia and I..

Joon Hao @ my bro and I with my "MALIBU" drink after work at San Fransisco Steak House..
The greatest friend @ buddy of all; Li Chia who never failed to make my day seems better as the day, months and years passed for all I knew I have knew her for about 16 years.. WOW~~ and the years shall continue to count...
Us~~~ at San Fransisco Steak House on 1st January for a great toss of an "EVENT"..

Celebrated Heran's 23rd birthday at Papparich, Serdang on 3rd January.

The girls that have make my Uni life more colorful and brings laughter to the house always...They are the one who be with me most of the time now and it was always nice to have them around. Our days to be together is getting lesser as the days passed as we will graduate and go on with our own life but just crossed fingers and hope that nothing breaks a friendship of a true friend.

Met up with the first-class buddy of my life; Mag and Shiek Ching at Midvalley on 4th January in conjunction with Mag's birthday.. Happy Birthday, Girl...

The most understanding ones and continue rocking my life with all her nonse that can sometimes turn me crazy but life is nothing without it..haha.. She even can irritate and backbreaking my entire moment with her..(Courtesy pic taken in Midvalley)

Reiko, Heran and Me in Midvalley (4th January). They are the one who continue to bamboozle and complete my life in Uni. With them around, you never failed to laugh even though they will irritate me to the top of my lungs sometimes...

Had a fine dining steamboat at Equine Park on 5th January with the so called "family" but extra of 2 guys and missing of 2 gals...
Top left: Reiko, Me, Heran and Patricia
Sit left: Elwin, Kenny and Dicky
Le Jie @ Lj Lee, the ones who I can't stop myself from chatting and talking with him each day. I serious mean of EVERYDAY! I shall, I must, I should, I have, I will.... chat with him each day without failed. We will share almost everything together, gossip together and he is the one who have shared all my ups and down to the fullest. He cherish me when I was at the most down moment and spare me with sunshines the very next day and when I am happy, he never crumble to share with me. What a great buddy on earth and I dared to say that I never regret knowing such a friend like him in my life! And what next, we shall continue to sail along the journey of friendship till the end even though after we graduate and I SHALL HAVE A NICE PIC WITH HIM soon..haha.. when I see through all my album, I could not find a better pic of me taking with him.
That's shall enough to explain a great start for the year of Rabbit and now I shall wait and usher in Chinese New Year. May this year brings lots of prosperity to each and everyone of us...