Saturday, January 30, 2010

So near yet so far..

SO near yet so fast..what a random post title..
Have been very emo for the past weeks...can somebody bring me out from the emo-ness...DAMN!~~~

I can feel that there is a distance between us already. I can't find any more distance between us. Is like miles to me already. I tried very hard to bring everything closer but with a pair of hand, I realize it was really hard. I hope that we can get close back like last time we used to be... I don't want a distance from you but I want a reach of hand with you..

Can somebody tell me the way, teach me the way, guide me through the way and definitely bring me to the way...

I really want to build back and repair back the gap between us..
I need it..
and I believe I can..

Friday, January 22, 2010


Please give me the strength and inner power for me to concentrate on my upcoming test...

GOD, guide me and bring me through...

I am trying very hard for everything, so I need your help to exist me..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the process..

I'm now in the process of learning how to be more mature in everything. It was hard, but I will try. I guess the coming days will be a tough one for me, but I will try to do my best in everything. GOD, please guide me through.

There is no use to regret or wat, but we can only march forward for everything.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chinese New Year is coming to town..

Haha...The title was the edition from the song; Christmas is coming to town. But true enough, Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming too. Is approaching very soon in less than a month. I love this festive season because this is where I got to meet all my relatives and collecting lots of red packets. However, the process of welcoming this days is hard. Because there will be spring cleaning. I got to wake up early in the morning to help my mum with all the chores, washing this and that, cleaning my room and lots more things to get done. IT WAS TIRING! but think back, when the day arrive, all the tiredness that lye in you will definetely gone. I don't like to clean actually because I am very sensitive towards dust. Well, that is not an excuse for me to stop doing and stand aside. I still have to do no matter how sensitive my nose and skin were to be...somehow, it is a process that everyone should enojoy cause it was once in a year..haha..


Monday, January 11, 2010

God bro's Marriage...

Yesterday,Sunday (10.01.2001) was my god bro's wedding day. Was his big day. The day where all of us were waiting for it. Since we knew that he is gonna to marry, we are so happy and we waited the days with full of enthusiastic. So my family and his family were really very busy preparing for his wedding this few days. Indeed, we were all tired but the smiling on our face tells the whole happiness is..I was lucky to have him as my god's bro because since I am small, I only have a bro. I always wish to have many siblings one. Thank god, my parents have many god children...SO, it makes me having many siblings now. He was one of the siblings that will always care for me and hear many nagging from me..haha..he was the one will never say no if I were to ask for good right??? sometimes he is always better than my own bro. So was really happy that he found a good wife...May them live happily ever after always and forever...

The women of the days...

Both of them...

Ready to pray...

My mum and I with them..


Serving teas to my parents..

My family and my god bro's family..


Dinner at Pay Teck's school hall...

us again..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Semester..

Finally, I have come to my forth semester of my 3 years study course. This semester was a hell semester for me. Damn packed my timetable and damn many stuff to be done. Normally first week will be easy-breezy week but for me 1st week is like a whole year...whole lots of stuff and homework for us to do. Our burden is double the price now. Last time, I used to be very free in the uni, but now I don't think I am able to be free anymore. Somehow or rather, this semester need to be end faster. A real suffering days will arrive for me.....GOD, bless me!