Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Li Chia's Birthday Celebration...

Just reached back home not long ago from Li Chia's birthday a belated celebration due to the busy-ness of us who can't celebrate with her on the right we went off for dinner at "The Planet" then celebrate her birthday at "Asian Havana Cafe"... it was also another gathering for us and now I shall let the pictures do all the saying.

testing with camera...

the birthday gal..

Rae Lynn with her bag..

the cakes for the night...


sing a birthday song...(she is HAPPY)..haha..

blow the cake..

make a wish..

cut the cake..

shi yun and li chia...

shi yun, li chia and ai yun..

~ us ~

Li Chia and Ai Yun..

Me and Li Chia..

Birthday Gal with Rae Lynn..

Me and Ai Yun..

Ai Yun and Shi Yun..

me and shi yun..

me and Rae Lynn..










Nothing much but trying to fill up the empty spaces...AND that's the END~~~

Sunday, November 23, 2008

~ Taggy ~

5 things found in my bag
- (if bag that bring to school), water bottle, books, pencil case, pursue and file..

5 things found in my wallet
- FIRSTLY, money...then will be my identity card, driving license, those cardsss and amulet

5 things found in my room
- erhm...table, laptop, shelf, books and a comfortable bed

5 things i've always wanted to do
- go around the world, get myself everything that I wish for, eat as much as I can, sleep, get as much money as I can too...haha..

List out the 4 presents u wish for
- prefer not to be listed down over here..

The person who tagged u was
- my son...

The 5 impressions of the most memorable thing she/he has done to you
- can't think of any, sorry to say that...haha..

If she/he becomes your lover,
- how can my son be my lover?? no no, it is something impossible...

If she/he becomes your enemy,
- will never happen, I suppose..

My taggee's~
- to those who is free and wish to do it..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A day out...

I have a wonderful thursday night. It has been a long time since I am out with my friends and totally enjoy the time after a stressful day...Even tough I am tired cause I did not sleep the previous day but going out with them is a total of enjoyment. I can't recall when was the last time I met them but I knew it was long long ago (monthssss)... So today manage to meet with them back even not all of them...Thanks a million to Kian Tiong (the driver of the night), Lee Yen, Shiek Ching, Kai Yin and Ming Zhu.

Our night started with dinner at work and pan then off to d'arts which the normal plan should be going to gogo KTV but we did not at the end and then finally our night ended off with mamak stall at Duyong. Even is just a normal day outing but it was fun..Our night is full with talking and updating each other with news and I totally oriented to meet them again which is DON'T know when...

Lee Yen and I..

Kai Yin and Shiek Ching..

Kian Tiong and I..

Me and Ming Zhu...

Main drink of the night beside two glasses of mango juice..

Kai Yin and Lee Yen..

the 5 girls..

Me and Kai Yin..

Shiek Ching and I..

Kai Yin, Shiek Ching and Lee Yen..

the always cheerful and joyful Shiek Ching..

the always the same Kai Yin..

the so called "shy" Lee Yen..

Monday, November 17, 2008


Finally, I got to online after a week without laptop with me. The days are passing so slow when there is no laptop with me...I can't online, I can't chat and definitely no entertainment with me. I felt so regret for not bringing up my laptop...
I do not wan to elaborate long for my Industrial Practic...what I mean and what I felt about this Industrial Practic is just one word...HORRIBLE! that if want to sum it up in a nice word and if want to sum it up in not a nice word then it should be like tis "S**K!"
What I can say now is I am so dead tired and so dead exhausted. I have not been sleeping well since I got back to UPM. I have sleepless night everyday...And the next day I found out myself look like zombie and fall asleep in almost every talk. That is me...haih~~~
Now, what can I do now is to wait everything come to an end.. Have a nice sleep and meet all my friends and definitely waiting for the days to come...DEC faster come...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Counting down the hours that I left in Malacca. Less than 24 hours then I will have to fly back to my bird cage already. I really don't like to go back and I hope the time will go slower for a day. Going back is like a total jail to me, I don't know why. Moreover I am going back for my Industrial Practic and I can guarantee is a dead boring for the first 2 days PLUS there will not be any entertainment for me. That is damn bored~~~

And the worst is I do not know when I am going to be back to Malacca..OH NO! That is really horrible. GOD, save me... The good thing is I am driving up again means no more bus in my eyes...and that means I no need to wait for buses when I need to come back that time..haha..I am so damn lame.

Well, shall not think too much about it after all I have no choice. No matter how I still need to go back so just go back and face the fact. Now just hoping everything went well in my industrial practic and get an excellent thesis and excellent report. Cause if I ever failed in either report I will not be able to graduate and I will have to take up 6 credit hours industrial training and that is 10 times worst than anything else..GOD BLESS ME***

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The boringness that lye in me for the past few days is really unexplainable. When I am busy I complained, when I am tired I complained too...and now I am free I complained too as the boringness is there..haha..But I better take this few days to rest and relax to the fullest as I can because after this week I will back to be a busy bee...What else, when there is no entertainment because I won't be bringing my laptop up. SO, for the next one week I wonder how am I going to survive there. Then again, you will be hearing me grumble and snivel non-stop. Well, that is life! People will never be satisfy with what they are having now.

Since, I am free therefore I went to help my dad to collect some payment from the customers and some shops. I now realise that collecting payment from people is not an easy task. I remember going to one office, I greeted the receptionist well and telling her the purpose I am there for but seems like I am someone invisible to her. She just ignore what I am saying and make me stand there like an idiot for about 15 mins. At that moment I feel like giving the receptionist a bloodbath...but think back because of the amount of money I cool myself down and after that 15 mins I don't bother much I straight enter the office and approach the officer in charge telling him again the purpose. Thanks goodness, this time I get a warm approach by him. He gave me what I want and in return I told him the bad attitude of the receptionist...SO now, I am wondering here what will he do to the receptionist? Will she get a bad scolding or like what I think bloodbath?..haha..that is impossible I guess. After getting what I want, off I go off from that office continue driving my way to other companies.

After finish my task for the day, I pass by our Malacca; 2 most popular "shopping paradise". Regardless of how long I haven't step in there, I pay a visit to that 2 places and because the time is early as 10.30am, not much shops were open. Hence, I just walked around for like an hour to kill my time off. Here walk, there walk, left walk, right walk and satisfy with the walking and here I am complaining that I am tired of walking..haha..walking for an hour is actually quite tired what's more when you are walking alone. Frankly speaking, I don't like to shop alone even it is window shopping because I can't yack my mouth need to have some exercise even is just a minute..haha..

Sic, this is roughly what I did today. Sounds boring...after a day of walking, reach back home have my lunch, face a while of tv and off I go to my bed..haha...and now here blogging..That's it from me...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

~ Friends ~

Just in a sudden, I felt like saying so much about the friends that I have in my life. My friends are very exceptional and a great asset to my lives. They share with me the good and the bad through life and give me a boost when needed.They were a group of peoples that I can't leave behind.

They are my friends who understand and someone I can trust..
They are someone who will listen to me both night and day without ever making a fuss..
Friends that will stand by my side when I am right and sometimes when I am wrong..
They will hold me up when I am weak and provide support to make me strong..
A friend's love is unconditional and unique in every way..
And when I have problems a true friend will kneel with me and pray..
A friend will stand by my side through thick and thin..
A friend once said to me that a friend is sent from God above and I believe this to be true..
Because God has sent a friend to me and that friend to me is YOU all.
My life won't be that colorful without the present of you all..

SO, I would like to present up all my FRIENDS that I have with me all this while through thick and thin; the friends which I can't miss out; the friends that I treasure the most in my LIFE...

First, would be my all time favourite friends since primary until NOW..Never fail to be together even once in awhile we do have some argumentative but sooner or later I believe it will be diminished...

Those were the days, those were the memories..Looking back through the years, I can't believe how long we have been best friends through good times and bad times...

Then, it will be my 16 years friends since kindergarten until now. Never fail to be apart even tough we seldom meet each other but we will still be friends forever....

You will never know how true is it, but when you know that no matter what happens or goes down on the road that there will always be best friends...

Thirdly, it will be my sixth form school-mates which now I am entire click with them. They were there for me when I needed a shoulder to lean on the most...Thanks a million to them...

Our friendship is an ocean, stretching far and wide never ending; filled with memories that last a lifetime..
all the laughs, the smiles, the hugs, the inside jokes, the hours online just because you were the family GOD gave to me...

Next, it will be my new friend found...all my Uni mates. Even tough the time I knew them was not long but I do cherish the moment with them as we did have a fun time together...

A dozen of roses I give to you my friends, a gift that seems so small, but that represent so much our friendship most of all...

Last but not least, it will be my friend that I cherished the most...Melissa...

We met in high school
Now we will be coolForever!!!
We been thru our ups and down
But every time we hit the ground
We got back up
Not giving a WAT
Not what people say?
About our strut
How we walk
With our heads up
And standing tall

It's hard for us to stay strong,
Were we think we belong
But we know
Even with them
We think of each other
And that all that matters
And we don't care about all that chatter
But they know not to step to us
Knowing that we won’t ever cuss
We won’t get mad
Cause that aint us
All we do is brush
Them off with the dust
Off our shoulders
Cause aint no one colder
Them us we cool
So cool so clever
With bending the rules
And we will be friendsFOREVER~~

So, that's are the people in my life beside my family...

A true friend is someone you can be yourself around, and never have to try and put on an act, they are someone you share your deepest secrets with, laugh together at lifes treasured moments. Sometimes we laugh together for absolutely no reason at all.
This person knows everything about you and still loves you just the same!
You know you are truly blessed to find a friend this special at least once in your lifetime. Treasure all that you've been blessed with, a rare kind of friendship comes once in a lifetime.
I thank the God daily for the rare gift of your friendship and the blessing bestowed to share such a gift.
My only hope is to someday be the kind of friend you've always been to me! A true forever kind of friend!!

* there is something very long with this blog post as that thing automatically making my blog post looks so ugly because of the BIG space....sorry for the circumstances, as I do not wish it to be like this *