Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcoming the year of DRAGON 2012!

Year 2012, the year of Dragon. The year of mine... Thinking of that making me believe that I am an age older now. 24 years back, I just came to this world..haha...

This year Chinese New Year is the most happening Chinese New Year. I really enjoyed myself to the fullest as I know that once I started back on track to work, I will not have so much time to enjoy myself out. All I did is just to spend my quality time at home with my family, enjoy and partay with friends and just to relax myself. I think I had made all this possible this year.

It was my first time too, on the 1st day of CNY I went out with my friends instead of my family. Normally, 1st day of CNY is the day I stay at home during the day and night will go visiting with my family. But something unusual this year, I went clubbing with my friends until wee hours in the morning. GOD knows how long already I did not step into any club.....The last time was in KL when I was still in Uni. Somehow, it was a fun night..

The ladies of the night..

Despite the late night sleep, in fact I never even sleep.. I am still looking good the next day morning. haha... Went back to office to oversee the CNY celebration and lion dance. It was a fun day too with all of them..

Debbie and I with our GM's...

Us.. the ones that click always, laugh like nobody business even with boss around and the ones who yack, eat and talk non-stop all the times.. Debbie, Pei Yin @ PY and me..

The crowd at our lobby area.. HUGE crowd..

3rd Day of CNY, the lion dance troupe visit my house.

8 lion dance..

Lion Dance arranging the dragon representing the year of DRAGON!


Last but not least, GONG HEI FATT CHOY!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

CNY at Hotel Equatorial Melaka

Finally I had little of time to reveal how EQ Melaka celebrated the CNY. This year we did not do anything grand or anything special on the decorations but we just focus on one part of the hotel just to have more decorations on it. Now have a peep at our decorations..

Entrance to our Phoenix Ballroom... Cutting those flowers stem and sticking on the ply wood is the most tedious job.. I swear I will never come out with this idea again.

Our Yee Sang Stall...

Inside the Phoenix Ballroom..

The bird cutting itself can kill my fingers.. It actually preserve my patience on it... Another hardcore job..

And all our 60 pieces of red paper cutting.. It was a hard work but at the end of the day, looking at it, it was the sense of satisfaction..

And now the 60 pieces is all stick on to the partition... Proud ones..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blessed Sunday

What is the most blissful moment to you? For me, the most blissful moment is when I am at home. Home Sweet Home...

Even I stayed at Malacca with my family but the time I at home is so little. Basically is less than 8 hours/10 hours a day. But I had a blessed Sunday as I am at home. I spent my quality time doing things that I like, spring cleaning for the upcoming CNY and not to forget have some time to finish up my story book. That is the time you will say, Oh gosh, I hope my Sunday can be prolong and I hope I had a long weekend. Thinking of Chinese New Year, I had a great mood. The RED is in the air and definitely is my year. Year of Dragon!

2 more weeks to CNY and is drawing so near that I did nothing for the preparation. Not to mention, the new clothes, new shoes and everything new. Last time, when I was a kid.. CNY means everything is NEW but now, is different thought already. As long as got clothes to wear can already regardless it is new or old as CNY only 2 days and after that is back to working time. So, just be simple and celebrate it with your loved ones is more important. Be grateful and thankful for what we have....

While the CNY mood is in the air, Hotel Equatorial Melaka still searching for the mood. There isn't any decorations up yet and hopefully there will be some CNY hanging around the hotel. Let's hope for it. haha...