Saturday, April 24, 2010

An advance birthday celebration~~

Is really a hearfelt thank you to this bunch of crazy friends of mine. They really brighten up my days in the middle of the exam fever. I did not expect that they will celebrate for me. It is more like a outing @ yam cha @ "chui sui" with them but did not expect they surprise me with a cake which I really do not realize. You all really surprise me off. So that is how I face the thought that I am entering 22nd in 2 more days and they make me realize 2 days before. Somehow or rather, I really happy cause they have brighten up my days. Without them, my Uni life will never be that fantastic.... Credit to you girls..

Patricia and I..

Me and Crystal..

Heran and I..

Me and Reiko..
The girls..
All plus extra one person @ Mr. Lim..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Long Lost Way~~~

It seems like I really lost in space of blogger for a long long time. The last post was on February so it means a month plus. During that time, I was indeed a busy bee. Busy with work plus studies with the tons of homework, assignment and presentation all the way up. Not knowing too, today is already 1st of April. Time flew....Is really in a blink of eyes, I am in the edge of last year of studies adi. I still got a week more to complete my semester 4. Is really fast.

Something to share with you guys...
Before proceeding, guess what's this picture all about?

This are CONDOMS!...haha... Another friend of mine and I had really a hard time doing this. It wasn't an easy task. First to purchase it from the WATSONS is already a hard task. The cashier and sales person over there keep looking as us when we were choosing the condoms and when we want to pay that time, the cashier gave us a very pathetic smile. Then while we back, I opened the plastic to get out each and every of the condom that time, it was so disgusting. IT IS SO OILY! Then I have to soak all the oil up, make it nice, cut the paper and the steps continues.....
IT WASN'T AN EASY JOB but proud it has been done and IT'S OVER.....
Oh, and I ought to say it's for my counseling presentation with the title "Pregnant out of the Wedlock"
Till then, I'll blog.