Saturday, March 9, 2013

A small note of Thank YOU!

A thank you note from my clients after a successful event. The feelings when receiving it from them is just a sense of satisfaction as at the end of the day, you know they recognise you for the hospitality and the hard work you have thrown to them. Though, we face many problems but nothing beats the ecstatic joy for a successful function.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


My first ever post for the year 2013 and with just a blink it is actually the month of March already. I have been missing out for the first two months. 2013 was not a real good kick start with the dismiss of my beloved  late grandma. Everything has been a pain for me. Now that she is gone, everything seems so different each time I back to the home town, the place that I once called home during my childhood. 

Had a very slow kick start for the first month of 2013 and everything seems not in place. It took me awhile to actually step out and realise that I need to move on. A slow month of January and generally its just another normal days to go through. Being stacked up with works given me the emphasize time to forget the sad moments and just concentrate on work. As the time pass, I had been or turned into a workaholic. Not to sure whether it is a good sign or not, but at least for this moment I know that I am still loving my work. Mind you, is my work...and not the working place. 

Come February, it is no other than the Chinese New Year. A month where every ones are busy cleaning, shopping, buying and the list goes on. I have a very simple celebration this year and not much of visiting. This year new year to me is like a relax and ease my mind week. All I do is just sleep, rest and eat. I do enjoy my times but deep down inside me...I knew that everything is different for this year new year. 

Anyway, March has began and is gonna be a brand new month. Hopefully I will be able to blog more as the times comes. 

Till then, let's the pictures do the talking.....

The real peach blossom plant 

"Kung Ming" lantern ahead... Have more wishes. 

My all times favourite, buddy...

2nd Day of CNY at my grandpa's place. Grandma will always be with us..
To mark the start for the Year of Snake...


CNY is all about prayers for this year..

The trance of Monkey GOD..
Pai Ti Kong at Debbie's place.. True blood of Peranakan "Hokkien" prayers..
With my cranko sister, jie jie Debbie. 
With Mum at Ramada..