Sunday, July 31, 2011

It is Monday today for a brand new month, a brand new day and a brand new Monday morning. When I drove to work this morning, I felt so weird and unusual because the road that normally I used to work is always jammed with cars in the morning and you will see a long queue of cars but today the road seems to be so clear and there is no congestion at all. Till then, I realized that is a public holiday for Malacca today. Damn, and the next thing I realized.. Hey, I am driving to work. I need to work on a public holiday. How cool it was and what a company I am working with.

Well, no matter what's the outcome I still gotta take it and here I was in office blogging and wasting some of my time. For peoples who had tones of work load today will be grateful if they had been given few minutes of time to spare but for people like me can't wait to waste my few minutes. I knew I am bad for saying this but I got no choice but to say so. Kind of regret to have accepted this job offered and stay here working. But is a bit too late to regret. I had lost my passion to work everyday. At here, is not that we are working in a team or what but is a very clear cut that you are working on your own ass and while for the bosses is not like we are working together but is more like you are working for me. So, there is this thing called office politcs came alive because people tend to be less of office communication. No doubt, up till today I am still having culture shock. Surprisingly to say~~ Maybe it is because it was a chinese company and what's more it is a family business. Therefore, everything seems so different compared to the last time company I am working with.

Every blog post of mine had been an entry of my work on how disatisfied I am towards my job and so on. Even though, I tried my very best to complain less and just work it out but I felt it was so hard. Seriously hard. I can stop complaining on others things but just not on my work. In addition, I will just say; "I will try to complain less". haha.. And that's show how epic my sentence can be. I will try...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Learn to appreciate..

Appreciate the little things in life..
It just takes only a moment to be grateful.

Today I met a blind man when I was on my way out to pump petrol and I began to realize…

I am so lucky to have my eyesight, my auditory sense, my oral speech, and most importantly, my health. The list is endless if you carefully think it through, those are just the abilities that stand out to me.

Take a break from the materialism and just gather the means you can be grateful for.

Remember to say Thank You to the world that you were born, and were given such an elaborate life filled with infinite luxuries and so many opportunities.

So start to appreciate things and people around you cause you might not know what IF tomorrow never comes rather than wasting your time doing nothing good and worst if you are trying to hard others people whether you do it with intention or not. It is still a bad action. Why don't take the quality and precious time to actually count the blessings.

Together we walk....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Unconditional Support...

The week had been a roller coaster ride to me. Everyday is a battling day for me. I had to battle with my office peoples @ those aunties, then battle with the bad toothache I am having and also battling with my mixed and unexplainable emotions. I need to be self-prepared and just ready to be on the battle war. Sometimes, you are wondering too...why all this happen? Either it happen with a reason or not, you know you must go through it. Somehow, I had take it as a challenge or an uphill slope in the journey of mine. It shall not stop me from going my distance, instead it has made me stronger in the journey of it.

No one ever knows that how hard it was to tolerate and battle against those aunties. When you tried to tolerate with them, here they are...trying to shit over your head. They and their never ending stories is something that you need to handle every day. I think one of my duty as a secretary is to handle the acts of the aunties. As I mentioned before, every where also there will be office politic but this one is the worst office politic I ever seen. Office politic is ahead of office communications. News spread swiftly among them, and if there is any news regardless it was bad or good news they can help you to advertise it for free. Their mouth is like a laser and they can just spread it in a split second. I remembered when the first day I step in here, I got a superb cultural shock and up till today I am still having it. Even if you are happily driving to work every morning and get tune into the favourite rhythm but once you reached the office door...Pweuh~~ you must tell yourself to transform. You must be another you in order to hide all your weakness and be ready to fight. I do not know why they need to be like this. I seriously do not know why. People might not believe that ME can be their gossip icon in pantry when they are having their lunch break..My OH My...don't believe?? Indeed I was. They are too free I guess and had nothign better to do. Gossiping will never brings you far, aunties... Karma will fall on you all one fine day with or without you realizing it only.

At the end of the day, I thank GOD for the given family. They had given me the unconditional support that no one else could replaced it. Each day back from work, my mum would hear all my grumbling and she will just find her way to comfort me even sometimes it does not work..haha..but that's the effort. She will even asked me to stop working by this week if I really could not stand on them anymore. But I am telling myself that, no matter how hard it was to battle with those aunties, I am dealing with them. I am not an easily falls girl. Aunties, you will never get into my way! And my dad, will always crack the not-so-funny lame old jokes by asking me... "How's your battle today?? Do you able to get urself back on the horse ride?" He is imaginaring it in those old old century where people battle with horses and axes..hahaha.. That's the reason why people always say family is the one who can give you unlimited and unconditional support. At the end of the day, you would just like to stay in your comfort zone but still we need to go out and take the challenge. That's the facet of life!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's All About Attitude

This life is all about improving our attitude toward every being.

Do you think God will let us go to Heaven when we are arrogant, full of pride, blame all on others, never admit faults, full of hatred and resentment, uncaring, unloving toward strangers, being cruel to those whom we dislike, disrespect those who we resent, think evil of those who has done us wrong?

Seriously, it's time to take a look at our inner thoughts - our attitudes toward every being and every thing. If you were to pick new friends, of course you'll pick those who are merciful, humble, admit faults, don't blame others, loving and caring. Same thing, God will pick those too to let them enter into his house.

If you can't forgive someone, just think what he has done wrong to you today. If he hasn't done anything wrong today, then you should recognize the improvement and be friendly. Don't keep going back further and further. Even God set rules to forgive debts from over 7 years ago. There has to be a line drawn between today and yesterday and everything happened before that has to be wiped out. Don't dwell on misery, otherwise you'll never experience happiness. Always prepare for a new start and forget about everything bad happened before that.

What's your attitude today? Are you friendly today? For some, it's all about trying to be friendly. Life will be ebtter. I believe many people don't even need to learn about it. They are born with the quality already.

It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness in life. Just believe that there will always be sunray and blue skies after a cloudy and heavy storm. Just be thankful and appreciate what we have in life. It might change a different in us. Do not take things for granted.

Monday, July 18, 2011

It is never easy..

It is never easy to choose a job and choices are always hard to make. Sometimes you will never know whether or not you will make the wrong decison. Giving too much of options wasn't a brilliant choice after all as you will had to scratch your head thinking all the pros and cons of it while too little of option will just lead you to dilemma. At least it happen on me.

It was never easy for me to choose a correct path for my future undertakings. And that's the moment where I miss my childhood and schooling moments cause I will never had to worry all this things. Everyday will be a gay lifestyle to me. Everyday is a happy day to me. No doubt, I do sad and worry on certain stuff, but when I recalled it back now..It is nothing compared to the ones I am facing now. Well, it is all rekindled memories and now it is the period of the sign of maturity. People need to march forward to face every circumstances in life and at the end of the day, GOD will just open a door for us to walk out or at least a slight of light to brighten up the road for us. Similarly, I believe GOD won't give problems without solutions.

Well, I guess I shall let it flow naturally and when the time comes I will had the solution on my finger tips..

Walk with me...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

It has been a busy week for the past week. Is like a marathon week for me and that's the moment I told myself that I hope to have a day of 48 hours and by then, I can slow down the pace of my step. Well, it doesn't happen in real life.

And today it is a mark of a brand new day for me for a brand new week. Had a bad good night sleep last night due to a bad toothache. I got no idea why it pain so much in that sudden of night while I was sleeping and due to that, I can't sleep well and forced myself to take pain killer medicing. I wonder why too. It comes in a sudden. Because of that, I woke up late today and I gotta rush to prepare myself. Instead of waking up at 6.45am, I am waking up at 7.10am. Gosh, I rush like mad but thank GOD I did not late to work.

And my current mode now is I wanna go for a vacation. Even it was in Malaysia also I am ok about it. I just wanna getaway. I wish I could. Let's wait and see...

Walk with me..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I am super duper tired these few days. I got no idea why too. The tiredness in me can't ease away even with sleeping 6-7 hours. Arrrghhh~~~ and the worst is that gotta go work with a sleepy head and those half-lifted eyes. Working life?? Yeah, I gotta admit. Working life do make me tired especially it enquired me to walk up and down the stairs, walking in and out and what worst?? I am doing those walking with heels and that's woman. Just wanna to look good and ignoring those pain that kills the legs and for me and additional to my bone. Woman will always be woman.

I am tired with lately temple deities celebration. Going temple almost every night and be there until 12 plus. It seriously tiring even I know I shall not complain on this..haha...I shall just count my blessings over this and those blessings that had sail with me on my way of growing up. However, every thing shall end tonight and tonight I shall had a good nite sleep.

Now, I am wishing upon a star for a nice day ahead of work today. Well, I shall stop complaining and just do it..haha..but words are always easier than action. People, admit it together with me. At least, I know that tomorrow is Friday and the next day is Saturday! Hooola, that's the day I am waiting for. I just wanna had a great weekend getaway... At least for a nice movie treat, like HARRY POTTER and the deathly hallows.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Weekend..

Weekend has always been the days I am waiting for everyweek after a long hustle and buzzle weekdays of working paranoid. You just want to have a relaxing and a wonderful weekend of all the days in the week. My weekends for this week is rather a nice ones as it was days that full with "activities".

Let start of with my Saturday. As usual, Saturday has been my working day and I just hate this fact. Even though, it was a half day work but still and yet I NEED TO WORK. And I just hate my friends who do not work and there they are, being evil...texting me how nice they are sleeping and how they enjoyed their Saturday monring. *slaps forehead, stop complaining..haha..* A busy Saturday I might say as after work I need to rush back to my grandparents there, driving thru and flow for about 2 hours and the moment I am waiting for...

Attending my ex school band concert. IJC Military Band Rockz at Pay Teck School Hall....This concert was a so-so concert as the audience are giving a piece of shit environment and atmosphere. However, they still put up a good performance for the audiences. Beginning of the concert was just a mess but they just got themselves back on track at the second half of the performance with all the pop rock music that goes well with their theme : Revolution of Pop Music. The songs ranging from old to michael jackson, to train - hey soul sister, country music pop star - taylor swift, pop music diva - lady gaga and few more.

What's the good deal of being an ex-member ?? We got free entry pass..Yeah! And our seat was first 3 rows with a tag given to us stated VVIP... Hoola~~

Let's sway with the music..

Young conductor..

Trumpeter solo... Spot the flautist there, I was once like her. I miss the moment.

Special band perfomance from a school band at Puchong.

And proud to present, My baby - flute... I miss it. Wish to play with it again...

Another special performance from SMK Bukit Baru. They create the rhythm using those recycled stuff. It was a great performance from them..

From left: Li Chia, Kenn Tiong, Mark and Me..


From Left: Huan Wen, Li Chia, Kenn Tiong, Mark and Me..

The gals from our batch..

The gentlemen.. I mean it. They were truly the gentlemen.

Jennifer @ My junior and me..

Another junior of mine, Ee Von..

Now, I would love to present you one of the performance of the night : Lady Gaga Remix

And with all the above, I am proud to say that I am once like them too. Rekindled back those memories, I miss my schooling life and the life being one of the band member. We were like family back then and how we go crazy when we were having our band practices. That is like 5 years back.. those sweet and sour memories shall be kept.

The night just doesn't end in that way... I continue with late nite movie watching Mr. Popper's Penguins. What I can say, the penguins are cute and the rest of it please do not ask me how do I rate the movie or what exactly what was the stories are about cause I was asleep after the first 30 mins of the show..haha..and only woke up to watch the rest 45 mins of the show (I Supposed)..haha.. Well, as usual I always end up sleeping while watching a movie in cinema. I do not know why. I will just sleep. At the end of the show, my fren was teasing me saying it is just a waste to treat me for a movie. WASTAGE! Allowed me for that, I am just tired but on and off I do open my eyes..

Jim Carrey, the main actor.. he is just funny.

Those penguins.. Sometimes, I do wish when I wake up..I wake up with puppies around me or a least of having penguins..hahaha...

After movie, I went to have late nite supper until 4 am. A short nap in the cinema making me super energetic after that and that is like super early and aren't it supposed to be breakfast already..haha.. It has been a long time since I last go out for late nite outing and I am always those cinderella goody-gal (am I? asking myself too)..haha.. The last time I went out till this late was when the time I was still in my Uni life. Also, another the good old dayssss~~~

It was really a tiring Saturday but hell yeah, I do enjoy it. And when Sunday arrived, it will be non-other than sleeping till 12 pm plus due to all the so healthy midnite activities..haha.. And then spending my time eating and yacking my mouth non-stop, enjoying my time with my doggie, and not to forget; a shopping trip with my parents. Life joyment~

And when Monday arrived, welcome it with a smile thou I am still getting Monday blues up till now. Wake up and wink those teeny weeny eyes, stretch those inzy winny bones, wear that jolly winning smile and tell yourself, today is a beautiful day.

Friday, July 8, 2011


As what shouted in the title, Yeah...I had just rejected a job offered. Rather heavy hearted to reject it but then think back KL just wasn't a place for me to survive. Today I just received a call and email from Acart & Lithographic telling me that their director had appointed me with a graphic designer position in their company. My OH My...something that I wish for. But when I further down the conversation and heard that it was located at Puchong, heart sunk. Deep in my heart was thinking, KL is so not a place for me to survive and meaning I got to let go of this job.

This company was an establish marketing & advertising company . Their main office located at Singapore. But their work place will located at PUCHONG, SELANGOR. They had their own brand of 3 marketing magazines( Life's Easy Magazine, Today's Business Magazine & Mega Sale Magazine). Besides, they also hold 2 website for online advertisement ( - Singapore Life's Style & - Singapore Online Food Hunt). Meanwhile, they also provide printing services & marketing planning. All this are attracting me but I just gotta say BYE-BYE and continue to survive my dayssss at Oriental with those bunch of idiotic aunties. Why they do not own a company in Malacca? If it was in Malacca, without any hesitation I will say YES!

Well, crossed fingers and hope for a better offer which was in MALACCA! With a heavy and sad heart, I shall forget about this job offered. Let it be bygones.....

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Thanks GOD is Friday again. That means another weekend is approaching soon.. Hell, YEAH~~ The thing which most of people are awaiting for. Even though, I still gotta work tomorrow for half day but at least I know Saturday night is awaiting me. *Thinking positively*..haha.. And this morning, a friend of mine just put a smile on my face when he sms me while I am on my way to work and I start giggling non-stop. I believed cars beside me will be start pondering and wondering, what's wrong with this girl.. Actually it was just a normal message, but when I relate it back to all the aunties that give me a hard time, I can't stop laughing..

The message sounds like this:

When you feel like nobody loves you,

Nobody cares for you,

Everyone is ignoring you,

And people are jealous of you,

you should really ask yourself...

Am I too sexy or pretty??

The next second that perplexed in my mind was like..Oh yeah, no wonder those aunties are finding and creating troubles with me. They are just too jealous of me for few reason..
1. I am way too young than them.

2. I am still pretty, having nice skin..theirs is like wrinkles here and there.
3. I have the reason to be bitchy, they do not have it anymore.
4. I have the ability to be a sluty, but they are just an aunty who do not own even a single way to be it.
5. I always dress up just the way I am in order to be good but they have to wear the fugly-ugly uniform.. dull as ever...

With all these reason, *self-proclaim* by me....I believed they are jealous of me.. wee~~..haha..

Ok, now put it aside...I am thinking hardly now, how should I spend my weekend. Perhaps, just stay at home and spend quality time with my family and not to leave behind my little Wealthy. I had been neglecthing her recently for not bringing her out for a walk cause I am real tired the moment I reached back home from work everyday. In short, I am a little of lazy. But she's the one who never failed to make me smile after a long day of tiring and boring days at work. Each time when I am backed from work, she will just be at the main door there and wag her tail and just going around me as I walked. How cute can that be on her? She just got her way to make me smile...

Or maybe, spend my weekend sleeping all day long..haha..That's like the greatest deal for weekend. Yeah~~~ and who cares, I AM LOVING IT! or maybe spend time with my mummy to go for shopping. Even window shopping, will just do for me. It will definitely ease away my dull day and forget entirely how bad work treat me sometimes..

And I am truly oriented for weekend every week.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Still surviving~

Yet, I am still surviving in Oriental Food Industries after all the havoc those aunties throwing to me yesterday. Hey, aunties...I AM STILL HERE TODAY! I seriously do not know what are in the minds of this bloody aunties. They are old already but the way they acted is exactly like those small kiddos or shall I say those people who has little of mentally. Do not mean to offence, but sometimes they are just too over with what they are doing. They just don't gain my respect.

They just spoilt my wonderful Tuesday morning. Supposingly, I should had an enjoyable working day yesterday as my boss was still not back yet and I can just slack my whole day. She, the aunty...had nothing better to do but to cari pasal with me. I seriously hate her more now. But as I say, I will stop complaining so indeed I will just forget whatever happen yesterday and continue to count the blessings I had. Instead, she better pray more that the karma happens on her will not be that bad. With back-stabbing people, finding trouble with people..will not make your life better, aunty... I am not those little girl who will just sit down quietly and listen and awaits for your order. I am rather an aggressive ones. You might be able to control all people in the office, those intern, and those people whom you think you can bully...But just to let you know, I am not those people for you to bully. After all, I do not need to listen to your order. You are not my superior either. You are nothing to me. Boo~~~

*Take a deep breath*... Today is definitely better than yesterday, and I will definitely surviving and living better.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mother Teresa..

..Mother Teresa..
~The peacemaker, The Pioneer, The Legend~

Mother Teresa was always her own person, startlingly independent, obedient, yet challenging some preconceived notions and expectations. Her own life story includes many illustrations of her willingness to listen to and follow her own conscience, even when it seemed to contradict what was expected.

Her love to serve, her love to help the poor has the never ending point. Mother Teresa gained worldwide acclaim with her tireless efforts on behalf of world peace. Her love and her patient to all mankinds should have been followed as an example to the peoples and the younger ones. The inspirations in her has never failed to leave footsteps in the heart of all. She can says as the great humanitarian.

I always get inspired by all the motivational quotes and she ones had become my role model. I still vividly remember when I was having my Uni orientation and they do have this ice-breaking session where they want us to name out one of our role model in our life. Without hestitating, my role model that first pop up in mind will be non-other than Mother Teresa. When they asked me why is Mother Teresa being my choice, I would just pompously answered them because of her love, her care, her kindness, her spirit and her leadership that has bring me to have the faith in her.

She just has so much spark in all her words. And only GOD knows how lovely this lady could be. There are particulary few quotes from her that had carve a place in my mind.

  • Before you speak, it is necessary for you to listen, for God speaks in the silence of the heart.

  • Speak tenderly to them. Let there be kindness in your face, in your eyes, in your smile, in the warmth of your greeting. Always have a cheerful smile. Don't only give your care, but give your heart as well.

  • Little things are indeed little, but to be faithful in little things is a great thing.

  • If we really want to love we must learn how to forgive.

  • Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.

However, her motivational quotes not only that but it has like so many but this is the few that I had fond on it individually. With all those things that mentioned, sometimes I am indeed bless with what I am having compared to those poorer one who yet to have any food. We might say that we are poor, but millions out there who are poorer than us. We are nothing compared to them who are striving hard to survive. And sometimes I seriously got no idea why some people would wanna commit suicide because of LOVE. They simply do not deserve to be in this world and the care and love that their family had given to them. I am not saying them as smart but I would say them as STUPID.

Therefore, NOW...
I had learnt to stop complaining (or at least I am trying to complain lesser) but try to appreciate whatever things I had and do not take things for granted. Try to think positive in every possible ways too. No point being narrow minded as life goes on, days still passing by...Just accept the fact and GO THE DISTANCE!

HOPE is always there for each and everyone of us and MIRACLE do happen. We just need to wait for it patiently and SMILE whenever we can. Put a smile on our face as we might draw a smile on others too...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shi Yun's 23rd Birthday Celebration..

Celebrated one of my all time sweetheart peer friends birthday yesterday...and she is none other than Shi Yun.

Went to have a full-filling dinner at a small japanese restaurant located in Melaka Raya. What I can say is that this place is like so small size located in the middle of the others shops. I got to turn like 3 rounds then only I got myself to this place. Not forgetting too, the massive jammed that I got myself in Malacca town when I was on my way out. Can you imagined, from my house to Malacca Raya it takes about almost an hour when I can reached there probably 20-30mins. So I had been driving as the skies is bright till the skies turn dark. All thanks to me, who seldom got myself to town area and if possible I will never drive on Saturday because of the jammed and I always got into the route where jammed is caused. Malacca town traffic is terrible when comes to Friday and Saturday.

Now, comes to the food part of this little small restaurant. I would rate 7/10 over the food cause it wasn't that nice. Just so-so and OK-OK! Portion quite big that we were unable to finish up but not in terms of taste and the delicacy of the food.

My tempura something something...

Our next second chilled out place will be Casa del Rio hotel that located in Kota Laksamana. Is by the river bank and is a newly-built hotel. The hotel is nice, the place is nice, the atmosphere is just good, scenery is also pleasant and a little of comfortable and relaxing..They got themselves few dining places like Bar Rio, The River Grill and River Cafe. We got ourselves chill at the River Cafe but I still preferred Bar Rio than River Cafe as Bar Rio you will got yourself entertain with the live band performances. That's sounds better..

Malacca River Night view..

Shi Yun with her birthday pressie from us.. is actually a drawing of her and her boyffie, KEY~~

Ai Yun with the proud to show drawing..haha..

The cute and adorable birthday cake..Mind you, this cake is custom special made one. Credit to Li Chia for it..

Us with the birthday gal...

Sze Jein and I~~

Sze Jein and Ai Yun..

They got this live band performances that had just juggle well with the place.

The lobby of the hotel..

Middle of the hotel, you can see a fountain with a nice environment of watery creature... Is really nice and is a really a good place for dating actually..hahaha..

Everything is good about the hotel just that they had a super expensice car park rate. We be there like almost 2 hours like this, and they charge us like RM15. I got a shock when I put the parking ticket in. No wonder as we entered the carpark, we felt the car park so bright and clean and all you can see is those super luxuries car. Now you got the point, why is the car park rate that high, don't you?? It almost same price like KL parking and perhaps certain areas in KL has a cheaper rate. So, moral of the story...if you want to visit this place, please park your car opposite the hotel or at least by the roadside and not in the basement itself...