Monday, May 18, 2009

Rest In Peace, Lucky!

I was a shock to receive the news that my dog passed away this morning. Never expected that she will leave that fast. Yesterday evening, my dog was like having a slight difficulty in breathing. She was gasping for breathe all the time and refuse to take anything, neither water or food. She has been showing a bad sign of health already for the past few weeks.
Then, this morning when I woke up, I realized that LUCKY has gone to a place which far from us already. No longer by my side and accompany me. It was a sad moment for me. Lucky has been with me for 9 years following me wherever I go even tough sometimes she is lazy. Tho, she has been a very nice and obedient dog to me. I have been used to the life of calling Lucky the moment I got up from sleep and play with her in the evening but now it seems like is no longer there for me to do all this.

You will always be in our heart and in our memory always and forever, LUCKY! May you rest in peace~~~
Then later after done everything, AY, SY and I went back to our alma mater "IJC". They were having celebration for Teacher's Day and was having some performance. BUT we did not spend our time watching those performances instead we spend our time hearing "STORIES" from a teacher. Sometimes people need to update update a bit with those latest news..haha..
Then after that we head on to Mahkota Parade to have lunch then walk few rounds and not forget dropping by a "HI" to Raelynn...then we go off to DP to walk another few rounds before we settle down for high tea in Old Town Kopitiam. That is the time when we say most of the things...from top to bottom and bottom back to top. Say until underground relationship. This is what happen when girls group together and yack non stop..haha..then after that head back home and I have a terrible flu now. Better have a good rest now before anything happen on me...TOUCH WOOD!!!~~~

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am tired... I am exhausted and DAMN my leg are fatigue. That is what you will get if you work continuously and that work require you to have full time of stamina as you need to walk all day long and WORST still if you need to be in your best position and having to look energetic even it was alrady 10pm was not an easy task.

I need rest for few days before I continue to work back on next FRI and SAT. I really need a lot of rest and not only me but my legs too. They need a long time of rest..haha..

That all for this week short post. Not in the mood to post anything as I am very mind is blank now..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My belated birthday celebration...

Thanks a million to LC, SY, AY, and RL who celebrated my belated birthday. Thanks for making the effort to celebrate my belated birthday even tough you all are busy. Love you all alwayss... Did not expect at all that they will give me a belated celebration as I thought it was a normal gathering the moment they asked me out. So with no hestitation I just go and meet them at Uncle John's Kopitiam (name is KOPITIAM but not that kopitiam, more to high class kopitiam) and did not expect any single thing at all. Really thanks to them for making my 21st birthday a blessful one. So now, I shall let the pictures do the speak..

the nice to eat birthday cake..

shi yun, ai yun, and me...

top: li chia and ai yun..
down: shi yun and me...

same people but add another Rae Lynn..

and the present from them...

Once again, THANKS A TRILLION for all that..Truly appreciate that...
p/s: thanks to LC for the pictures uploaded too.. =)