Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Every Second is a Precious Gift..

I am just very grateful to be given this very second....
just to be able to see, 
just to be able to breathe,
just to be able to walk, 
to hear, to love, to live.

Every second to me is really a precious gift. 

I really do not know how many seconds more I can live on but as long as I am given a second, I will enjoyed and cherished it to the max. You do not realise what you have till you are in jeopardy of losing it. Life marches on. Do not whine because its passing so fast, just be glad to be part of the parade. 

As we move on with our hectic life everyday, we tend to forget to slow down our pace to look around us and cherished every moments of it. Sooner, a second will become a minute, a minute become an hour, and an hour will become a day. If you lucky, you will be able to get the day...what IF the day will never come?

We should live each minute as a life time as we do not know what the next one holds for us or even if we will never see it.

Life is precious and a gift be thankful and make every moment count.