Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getaway to Bangkok~~

Never in my mind I thought that I could again step my feet back to Bangkok with my busy schedule. It was never easy to actually get yourself a getaway. I was in Bangkok last week (1st - 4th July 2013) with 2 of my best colleague, best buddy, best boys' friend ever, my laughing catalyst and what could you asked for when you are travelling with them. We do not believed that we actually travel together till the moment we sit at the airport and we tell ourselves, WE MADE IT! Its never easy for 3 of us to travel together for some unforeseen circumstances. But we are so glad that we managed to make this trip. We booked the flight ticket like 3 weeks before and hotel rooms 2 weeks before. It is really a spontaneous trip and we did not have any plans.

We reached Bangkok super early like 8.30am and we checked in to the hotel. We stayed at The Berkeley Pratunam Centre where this hotel just started their business like 2 months ago. Super new and nice with its 5-star class. With the rate they are publishing at RM120++ per room per night, you would say that it is worth your money. 

The 2 single bed room..

The lobby..

The entrance to the hotel. Its just look so majestic..

We spent most of our time visiting the place in Bangkok more than shopping. Though, people says that Bangkok is a shopping paradise where to one extend, I do says YES! But I do not think we have so much of cash to shop around and we ended up visiting places, diverging into their culture and we spent on food. 

The place that we have our lunch on our arrival 1st day..Its just some random mee soup but it is tasty.

2nd thought of Bangkok is definitely about blessings and TEMPLE! We spent our time on most of the temples and we even travelled as far as 4 hours out of Bangkok city to a place called Province Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat). That's shows how anticipated we are. 

The wonders of the nice architecture at the Grand Palace.

Need not have to elaborate much on it. 

The famous 4 face Buddha that located in the centre of a shopping mall. 

This is the temple that I am talking about that we have to travel like 4 hours journey to get here. We woke up as early as 3am to come over here. 
Look at the architecture. 
And this is the sculpture of Luang Phor Koon. He is still alive as of today at the age of 93. We are unlucky as we did not managed to meet him in person as he is away from the temple. For more info, please read  HIS BIOGRAPHY.
Temple Wat Ban Rai

We even went to some tourist attraction like the Madame Tussauds wax house. You can't believe in your own eyes that the wax figurines is just look so real.

We even found ourselves a figurine which had a weird position. 

Besides, we got the opportunity to hop on to a place called Mekkong Train Station. The unique of this station is that they actually have rows of people selling groceries or vegetables just by the railway station. And when they hear the bell rings, most of the people will just clear all their stuff and make way for the train to move on. 

We also have the opportunity at the floating market where people always mentioned it when you are in Bangkok. However, I wasn't impressed with the floating market actually. Not many stalls and I just hate the sun that shines so brightly when you are in the dirty canal. It just don't impressed me. Once and for all...

Next, we also managed to venture into a new place in Bangkok called the Asiatique Pier. Its really a nice place to hang up for drinks and food but my advise is not to shop as you can get a cheaper and better bargain in the morning market or at any wholesaler shop. We do have a great time chilling and relaxing our mind out from the busy and hustle city.

The 3 of us... Me with the 2 gentlemen, Vincent and Daniel. 

The most unforgettable moment at Bangkok is when we are able to catch a glimpse at the whole Bangkok when we are standing at the highest tower in the city, Lebua which is well-known for its stunning rooftop bar. It was really really wonderful skyline.

                                                                             Us at Lebua with the golden DOME.

The iconic Dome of Lebua

I really had my wonderful time in Bangkok and if I have the chance again, I would definitely visit Bangkok again. Till then..... my next trip..