Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Hour...

San Francisco Steakhouse that was located at the lowest ground of Malacca Club. Basically this place here was famous for his steak and they offer a wide arrays of appetizer, seafood, and delectable desserts. It was my first time being there but I am not there to try on their steak as when I went there it was only 3pm and 3pm was basically happy hour and also tea break for me.

I was just mingled around at the 7th floor of Malacca Club with my clients to see the event place but when we are done, one of them said let's go for happy hour and TA-DA, San Francisco was just on my right. So, I just suggest why don't we have a tea break here as the environment there was really great for a hang out talk. (No doubt, I did it on purpose cause I wanna try the drinks there as it really seems a nice place to me) And with no hestitation, they say YES! In my heart was like, Hooray......

When I looked at the menu and seeing for the price, my jaw almost drop...haha... a plate of fish and chips cost RM19.90, a lamb steak is RM49.50 and the price is increasing.......... I was like WOW, thank GOD I am not gonna pay for this treat..haha... The drinks itself is already expensive but they have happy hour on beer. Normal mug will be RM14 but happy hour RM10. I shall remarks it as still expensive cause normally for RM10 at outside we might get few cans already. Here, only a small mug.

Somehow, this place was really a nice place to get along with friends at night as they have live band performances at 10pm and the environment itself, is more than good enough.

The Menu..

My Oreo-Oreo smoothies and those buggars laugh and says I am kiddo drinking this..Hello, it is afternoon and I do not wish to have alcoholic stuff.....ended up, one of them took Latte and one more is beer...

The outside environment...
And the smartnest in them, the use the beer barrier as the table...nice artfine..

The drinks counter..

Friday, November 26, 2010

Straits Pharmacy, 8th Anniversary..

I have just finish organizing and managing an event today (26/11/2010) at Straits Pharmacy for their 8th year anniversary. At first I thought was just normal "re-opening" ceremony but when the time struck 11am, stunned me. The crowd was huge. The peoples are all coming in non-stop because of all those medicine and supplement where it was all on discounts. I NEVER EXPECT IT WILL BE THAT MANY PEOPLE.

And this event too, make me nervous and anxious at the very early in the morning. My lady boss has a serious gastric and can't be on time to do the emcee-ing and broadcasting but the event is starting as early as 9am. GOD DAMN! By 10.15am also my lady boss shadow also unpredicted where was it and the owner of the shop keep rushing us to broadcast the kiddos coloring contest. So, by not much choice given to me, I have to do the broadcasting. I was shivering at first as it has been a long time since I last touch the mike and talk and standing in front of the sea of people were really a no joke moment.. Phew~~~~ take a deep breath and I just blah blah blah only not knowing whether what the hell people is going to bother what I am talking as long as I do my part..haha.. that was the nerve wracking moment to me. Thank GOD, it only lasted for an hour then the hero of the day arrived and continue to do the rest of the event...

Multi-tasker : Coordinater, broadcaster, crew and lastly face and body painting....haha.. :)

The crowd of people for that are waiting since morning for the lucky draw session..

Mohawk, the funny guy..joker in our team..

Monday, November 22, 2010

My love to them..

This is really a wonderful video to be shared with. It shall give us a reminder that we once will be old and shall always treat our parents well. It give me a real commodious feelings the moment I seen this video.

It leave a deep impact to me that, my parents are my biggest supporter in my life. Without them, I will never be who I am now. Treat them good, for how they have brought us up.....

My mum and my dad are the one who never failed to shower me with love and care and guide me the right path in my life. Without them, there would not be me living here today. They are the one too, who stood by me whenever I face problem in my life and they are the one too who wiped my tears.

To my mum and my dad, I love you all to the most of everything I can have because of everything that you have gave me..

There was a time when you held my hand, you gave me strength to stand.

When I would cry and be up all night, you would cuddle me and spend sleepless nights.

And the next when I slept all day, you tried hard to buy me toys.

So I thank you mum and day, for giving me this beautiful life.

I have been wrong and I have been lost, but you have stood by me and shown me the path.

Oceans so deep, moutains so high, cannot express my feelings for you, you have been my mentor; you have made me what I am.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Freaking tired...

As what I posted on my Facebook acc status, only GOD knows how much of tiredness that have in me no matter physically and mentally...and GOD knows how much of wants that I need for a good night sleep and well rest.

I have been physically and mentally tired for the past few days preparing for Xepa-Soul Pattinson Family Day (for those who do not know, Xepa-Soul is a medicine manufacturing factory) and finally it came to an end today.

Super duper tired weekneed and there is no gateway. Ever since Fri night, I have been working till 2.30am in the morning and then continue with Sat till 1am in the morning and today itself....Worst night mare I ever had where I had to wake up at 4am and start working for event set up at 5am. The worst of all and it is even worsen compared to my normal schooling days. AND worst come to the worst, today weather was like DAMN SUPER burning and for a person who was lack of sleep it was definitily like hell for me.

I do not even have the free time to capture any photos as I was real busy handling the event and as a multi-tasker person, my life was never easy this afternoon. Now when I conclude back, I wonder how I sneak through. It was really a tired and tough day to go over and I thank GOD I am all over now.

Going to have few days of rest and till then shall see how it goes...Somehow, coming Fri itself I will have event too.. =(


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Busy? NOT!

If you're too busy to handle your children, perhaps this is a solution...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My sayings..

Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common determinator, but among those whom I love, I can: All of them never failed to put a smile on me and never fail to make me laugh. No words to express how I heart them the most, but I do cherish all the moments with them. Thanks for coming to my life and cherish up my life.....


My all time favourite cartoon character... SNOOPY!

Snoopy is the world famous beagle and the revered pet of Charlie Brown. He excels in sports (except the random golf game), lives for food, and always attract a crowd.

I do not know since when, and how old am I; I have fallen in love with Snoopy. I was like crazy over Snoopy even though I am now 22 years old already..haha..childish, you can name or call me but I guess every people has his or her own favourite stuff regardless how old you going to be. I am not any K-celebrities fans. You ask me to name any celebrities or whatever stuff, I can look at you and wonder who are they...haha...that is me!

And just by looking at Snoopy, I am all happy. I have a collection of snoopy stuff from toys to hard items and I can say, they are all my treasure. Nobody can actually grab it..hahaha...
If you were to ask me again, why I like Snoopy? Maybe I can answer you, because I love DOGS and Snoopy are in dog category. So, I guess that can answer why I like snoopy instead of Hello Kitty the ugly cat, Mashimaro the no mouth character and etc...

So, in conclusion I LIKE SNOOPY..haha.. guess, I am going crazy. Allowed me for that and sign off for now until I am normal back.. =)

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's holiday time..

Yeah, I am all smiles now..... *wink*....

Finally, my exam are over. I am done with it and just hope the best out of the best...
Current moment, will be enjoying my lungs out to the max before I start my ass off to the working ground on this Sunday. Nothing can beats the esctatic joys now to be free from everything especially I am away with books, notes and WORK LOAD. Seriously, that was the most nicest moment when we ought to do anything and just sit back and relax for a current moment...Just hope the time will just stop here. But sometimes, things aren't just move the way we want it to be.

"Today the new sun rises for me; everything lives, everything is animated, everything seems to speak to me of my passion, everything invites me to cherish it."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Final Year Exam..

Finally I am in my 5th semester the end path already. Tomorrow going back to sit for my Final Exam... ~woo~

Continuos of exam for 4 consequences days and there is a particular day where I have 2 papers. Just pray that everything will goes on fine for me and I will sneak through each and every paper that I sit. Crossed fingers and hope for the best that I can produced now. Few days of study is really not enough but hope it will be enough to at least answer few questions rather than handling up empty papers...hahaha..but I wish this matter will never happen. Just let me hand up the paper with full of writting and the brain non-stop of words pouring out...

GOD bless me~~~~~