Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Feeling so great~~

I am feeling so great now. It has been a long time since this great feeling comes to me. Ever since I started to do my internship, I felt extremely stress and exhausted and it was the feeling of not having break. Suddenly at this moment, I am feeling so great when I get to know that I need not have to wake up early tomorrow to go for work. Even it was just a day, but I already felt thank god. At least, GOD gave me a day to rest well and have an enjoyable time. But after tomorrow night, I will start to emo back because I have to face the fact that I am going back for work the day after...

SO, I am gonna enjoy my day tomorrow... ~~~

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mandarin o mandarin...

I really need to brush up my mandarin pronunciation already. It was down right so WORST. I can't converse properly now. gosh...how arh? It was like worst than before. I am not OCBC. I am really a pure chinese girl. So I believe I can converse well in it. I need to speak and converse back in mandarin already.


Ever since I am off from Uni, back to Malacca for semester break @ Intern, I speak more in English and Malay as well as Cantonese. I am so not to speak Mandarin already. Guess is time for me to brush up all my rusty mandarin words. I will and I try...Crossed fingers~~~

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It has been a long time since I last log in into my blogspot to note down a few things. I have been busy for the intern and all the events that is going on. Every week will not be a rest day for me but will be a working day for me. Tiredness that lie in me was undeniable. But each time, events ended is was the joy of happiness and no doubt I get to learn many things that comes in hand for me to have a better knowledge of what is event all about. Now, I am gonna update the 2 most recent event.

Event: Pepsi Football Roadshow; Rev-kan Dunia Bola Anda
Date: 12 and 13 June 2010
Venue: Mahkota Parade Melaka outdoor
It was the most hard job event I had ever encounter because it was tour roadshow. So the expectation was there and everything should be liasing with the clients expectations. For the whole week, I have been very busy preparing this event including arranging and finding 17 promoters on duty, arranging the venue, and etc. It wasn't an easy task at all. Seems simple, but you will never know the hardship behind it when you involved in it. What makes everything seems even harder is that, the weather was damn burning and hot on that 2 days. All the promoters get sun burn until black like charcoal.

Even we are tired and fatigue after 2 days of working but all the promoters do have their time enjoying themselves. This is what we want at the end of the day. No matter how tired it was, but a smile on the face makes all the satisfaction came alive.

Group Pictures but missing one person..

Proud to show their face paintings..

Clearing off the swap cans and bottles..Only managed to swap 1,570 bottles of Revive Isotonik drinks. Was a failure because our target was 2,000 bottles.

Raja Freestyler...

Human Fussball..


Cars to be won

Event: Hatten Square Link Bridge Holiday Mini Carnival
Date: 18, 19 and 20th June 2010.
Venue: Dataran Pahlawan and Hatten Square
This is another so so event. The purpose of this event is to let people know that the link bridge is finally open and is can be now a walk way. So they organize this mini carnival inside there. It was pretty a boring event cause the promoters on duty were there just to control the game booth and if no people they just daze their day off. Then every 2 hours, there will be barney and baby bop out to attract customers. Thanks to them, if not it will be so dull and giving us some work to do as we need to give out 250 balloons each time the mascot is out. And this is where we played with the balloons and at the end of 3 days, I will not want to see balloons anymore for the current short period. Not to forget too, to dismantle all the game booth when the event ended is not an easy task. It was heavy and big items where it can be brought down using lift....This is where we need manpower..haha..

Baby Bop..
This is where they got nothing to do and daze off their day off to dreamland. AND at the end, GOTCHA...

When boring comes just in time..

Retarded Barney..

Comparing height. From left: Frankie, Me and Stanly..



Funny people with funny pose...

Another one more GOTCHA...

Ah Long with his boringness...
Lee Yen and Me..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Spot Check..

I was damn a shock when one of the UPM lecturer called me this afternoon at 2.30pm where I was having my lunch with my boss and suddenly my phone rang; and the drama begins. It really shock my day off.

Lec: Hello, is this LAM PEY YEIN speaking??
Me: Yes, speaking.
Lec: I'm Dr. Sarjit Singh from the Head Department of........................ I AM now at ........ and going to reach ur place at 3pm.
Me: (Gosh, heart almost jump out) Oh, Dr. you reached already arh? Why so sudden? I was having event now la, not in office. (but actually having lunch) But never mind la, I will rush back with my boss. Is ok.
Lec: Oh, you having event now arh? Then ok la, I will reach ur place at 3pm.
Me: Ok, Dr. See you then.
Lec: Sure......

It was like talking with a friend but I actually don't know so well about this lec. He did not teach me before. BUT actually heart almost jump out but remain calm and steady cause this lec was very fussy and very strict type. I was like hell. My boss worst. She was like OMG, I wore like this. Ok arh, can meet your lec or not?? Then we rushed back office.

Really 3pm sharp, the lec arrived at my office doorstep. To my surprise again, it wasn't one lec but 2 lectures. CRAZY! then they start interviewing with my boss and talked for almost 1 hour. At the same time, my lec can do research with my boss cause so co-incidence he was doing a research title "Peranakan and Chetti" and so, my boss was the right person to interview cause she was a pure peranakan. Then this Dr is like telling me story cause this spot check was do on purpose cause they found out few cases where the students fake out the intership. So he was here doing spot check. So thank goodness, everything went off smoothly. But I pity the students that being bar-off.

Once he left, I was like fuuuu~~~~ RELIEVE...no bad comment, but truly good compliment. Thanks to my boss to actually...she was damn good in PR. Something I salute on her..

But coming this 3 days will be a hard time to come, cause having big event. Is the pepsi football roadshow. Many preparations and things gonna settle. Crossed fingers everything went off well... =)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lavender Height - Nyonya Food Fiesta

Last Saturday, 29th May 2010 went to Senawang to organize and event for a developer. RICH DEVELOPER with the theme Nyonya Food Fiesta. So the day is filled with nyonya dangdut songs and some oldies plus the typical nyonya food. Early in the morning, woke up and prepare for this event. DAMN TIRED at the end of the event ended. It was like so hot and clad in baju kebaya nyonya, it wasn't a fun thing after all. Luckily no sarong. Thank God, the event goes off well and tidy..haha...At the end of the event, everybody is tired but the smile on the face is the smile of satisfaction after all the hard work of preparing the foods and so on. The foods were all
cooked by us...Even the pineapples tarts also we baked ourselves. AND you will never eat get such nice pineapples tarts from outsides.. Indeed a good experience..

My lady boss and I...

The clowns of the day..

The Developer office. Well known developer in Senawang. LAVENDER HEIGHTS..

The red one is Gading-galuh where in malays style we will call it Kuih Lapis. Then the Yellow one is Kuih Genggang in Nyonya.

This will be the authentic and typical nyonya kuih; Rempah Udang and the sharp kuih wrapped with banana leaves is Kuih Koci. Malays one will be wrapped in round ways but Nyonya one is sharp point..

Mee goreng, not a typical nyonya food but just add variety to the food catering..

Ayam masak Buah Keras @ Nyonya style of rendang ayam...Great taste..

Ikan Bilis..

Kangkung rebus..

Nasi Lemak ingredients..

Catering of foods..

Part of that P.A. systems..

The live band who sang those Nyonya dangdut songs..