Monday, October 27, 2008

Tired and LAZY ~~~

During such hour, most people are already fallen asleep...but for people like me still wide awake at here blogging. I don't know this is a good sign or a bad sign.. I am just too tired and lazy to study. The tired-ness is really unexplainable even tough I sleep for hours in the afternoon but I still can sleep tight and well at night. BUT somehow or rather I forced myself not to sleep so much cause I got so many things to study and time is constraint..BUT again I AM JUST TOO LAZY! That is why now I am stucked over here online, chatting and blogging. If I ever did badly in my exam, then I were to blame completely..and I am sure that day will arrive...haha...
Well, another reason for me being so laggy is because there are too many things in my mind. Sometimes I find it rather hard to concentrate. The more I try to remember what I study; those facts and so on..I will find it damn hard because my mind has been blocked up by certain things. That really disturb me a lot. Then I will stop for awhile and start to think and dream and the next moment I will not know where am I anymore...haha..
Somehow or rather I need to be motivated more...need to be push a small kid that sometimes need to be pampered too..hahaha..and I absolutely miss the time being pampered by some one....That is the nicest moment isn't true?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

~ You are the season of MY LIFE ~

How can i forget the longings of my heart?
it's you i think of night and day
i know i couldn't touch you,
i know i couldn't hold you,
though i wish i really could just care for you

you are the reason, the seasons of my life
you're everything i wish and live for
give me an answer, show me the way
you're breakin' me, leavin' me in pain

you're the burning flame,
in my heart and in my mind
in the silent of the night, i can hear you
my thoughts are all about you
alive and true to me
but now i really have you
only in my dreams

you are the reason, the seasons of my life
you're everything i wish and live for
give me an answer, show me the way
you're breakin' me, leavin' me in pain

loving you changes everything
it's giving me the strength
and it's all because of you

you're the burning flame
in my heart and in my mind
in the silence of the night
i can hear you,
i know i couldn't touch you
i know i couldn't hold you
though i wish i really could
just care for you

you're breakin' me, leavin' me in pain....

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have leaved my blog undone, unspeak and unwritten for almost quite a long time I guess....

Well, I am superb busy for the last past few weeks..
BUSY with again and again "COLLEGE ACTIVITIES" that make me even no time to online..
So no online, means no update means I am "lost" from this world..haha..
Then after done with all this activites, I am off with my FINAL EXAM..
I just done with 4 papers and..
I still got 2 more papers to go..
meanwhile, I am back to Malacca to take a short breath..
to rest and relax myself..
after a long time of not enough sleep..
everyday sleep for a few hours back again..
Stated in our academic calendar, there is study weeks..
BUT again..
the study weeks is actually exam weeks..
and exam weeks is actually study weeks..
1 word to say finish, COMPLICATED!..
NOW, I am orinted for my SEMESTER BREAK..
but seems like a semester break don't seem to me..
as I will stuck back in Uni for my "IPK"..
IPK - Industri Praktik Kampus..
also means Industry Campus Practical..
the exact thing about it I am not so sure...
but I roughly can say is I will stuck in Uni to hear all those talks THEN
will be in Negeri Sembilan for a camp..
Sounds interesting???
I am aren't sure..
Till I expore it then I will say and conclude about it..
Till then, I am signing off again..

Friday, October 10, 2008

A day out..

Pictures of the night at Sri Sedang, Mc Donald.. I am now too tired to elaborate longers as I just got back home. It was really fatigue as I only sleep few hours last few nights cause was busy preparing for my presentation and my now, when I am back home I at totally NO ENERGY at all..PHEW~~tired... But some how or rather that gathering went out well as it as long as every one is happy, that is more than enough already...

the seniorss..saw the booklet they holding. I took a week to complete 21 copies of it. I am sick of looking at that booklet already..but was totally proud of the outcome...

laughter was in the air..

posing for camera frame..

~ Smile for the camera ~

and another family picture...

one try to act TALL and another one want to act SHORT..

SO, that's it...till I have the energy to blog more..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Going back to UNI soon..

Each time when mention that I am going back to Uni only, it wasn't a post of happiness but it was a post that full up with melancholy.

So, UPM off I go...(without any choice I like it or I don't)
Back to the lonely room, thought it is quite comfy..
BUT still I can't find myself over is lonely.
What I hate the most are~~
No more fast internet connection..
No more water heater...have to boil the water.. :(
No more beauty sleep...
No more eating nice home cooked food..
No more late night outing...
No more playing with my 2 cuties...
And definitely a month of full studies,
where final will meet me just another few more weeks..IS FEW MORE WEEKS and I haven't touch a single thing!
then, I have presentation that waiting me at the doorstep,
assignment that will be waiting for me at my table to be completed...

BUT, somehow or rather..I have to stay on the track and go the distance and have some self-pampering after my final exam...haha..

my room door...
my messy table...
my notice board..

Friday, October 3, 2008

WHY? Tell me WHY?

I put a smilling face all the way to visit you...because I knew that I am going to a place which I familiar with and I put a hope that everything went well when I reached there.

As well as I saw your face, a familiar face to me again..I tell myself to be nice to you and willing to hear any news or story from you. BUT each time I see you, it will always be the same old story and today I thought you will make me happy by giving me good news but seems that once again you dissapoint me. WHY? Why must you bring that new to me?

I thought it has already get rid off me. I am so happy every time you tell me that you are very well or any others positive word but today you told me not to be sad when knew about it. (in my heart, I already prepare for the worst)...AND yes, it was really the worst out from the worst.

WHY? WHY? Why you must ruin my life again? Why can't you give me a normal, healthy, fine, and definitely a happy life...

Please GOD, I have enough for all those suffering. Please give me back the normal life with a smooth journey.....PLEASE~~

AND GOD, please get rid the "...." from me...I really don't want that....