Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I am who I AM!

I am what I am. Love or hate me its still me. Even you give all the kindness to the world. There’s still people who doesn’t like you. Respect it you can’t please everyone, but don’t ever blame them. This is how life goes take it or live it miserably. Life has to go on. At the end of the day there only one who will never leave you. It’s YOURSELF! So Love yourself. 
Do and be what and who makes you happy and be with the person who not only accepts the real you but loves the real you, all the dark and light, the one you don’t have to hide your true self from.
I do love myself, not for who I use to be but for who I am because I am the only one who knows who I am and who I am suppose to be. Do you know yourself? I am pretty sure you will figure out who I am. I’m what I’m and that’s who I need to be, which by the way I’m not that comfortable with yet, but I will be when get to know myself. 
Those who leave me, their loss, I’m everything I hear women say they want. So that’s why I say its their loss. I love extremely strong with all I am, I’m honest & I’m monogamous. Those two go hand & hand. I put them before myself. 
You’ll never please everyone so be yourself. Be the best YOU you can be and be happy with that person.