Sunday, June 28, 2009

Courtesy of Random Picturess...

Courtesy of Pictures ahead! Those pictures were taken few weeks ago...It takes place at different day, different time and definitely different places and also different people too..

First, will be our "Makan trip", the so-called one on the 12th June 2009. Take place at Bukit Beruang food court but no pic, then we went to Musical Fountain (the below one) and lastly at Pearl Cafe...

from left : shi yun, li chia, ai yun, me and sze jein..

Secondly, will be the celebration for Shi Yun's 21th birthday and Wai Ming's advance 21th birthday on the 26th June 2009...Venue taken is at Friend's Cafe...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of them~~~

Shi Yun's 21th birthday cake that was specially baked by Miss Li Chia...

Wai MIng's birthday cake...

the lovely-dovey birthday gal, SHI YUN...

the forever skinny birthday girl, Wai Ming that claimed that she gains 2-3kg when she was in London..

Welcome back, girl...

6 of us, that reunion back....but miss a person..

Thirdly, will be Genting City of entertainment where I spent my quality time with my family after a long time. So, today as in 28th June 2o09...we went up to genting as early as 11.00am from malacca and reach there around 2.30pm. Then find parking is a big big problem...soon get parking we went to casino. GOODNESS, you will never find poor people inside there. They can bet like crazy. One bet can cost up to RM5,000....gosh, and those aunties can bet well.

aunty, that can bet well in casino. Lone-ranger that bets and walks around with Power Ranger bag..haha...cute aunty...
then, rain heavily when we were in casino and when we were out, it is still drizzle. So, no outdoor pictures...then we head down to Chin Swee temple, where we see many nice THINGS...haha...the weather is getting better, atmosphere is great and very thick mist...can't even see the road...

me and my bro..

Chin Swee tomb..for those who don't know, Chin Swee is actually a god name.

nice and big buddha...saw the thick mist??

Me and my mum at the arch of the Journey to Enlightment where you will see the 10th chamber of hell and know better the life after death..

cool and thick mist..

the nine dragon wall..

Lim Goh Tong at his memorial hall..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Guess?? what fruit is it?


IT is a MANGO!
huge right??
it is bigger than my face..
When u see it at first, it looks like a papaya..
looks closer,
it is A MANGO..
how on earth, a mango can be that big...
good gen..haha..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I went to watch transformers 2 just now with my boss and her family plus a few more co-workers at DP GSC. I might say that the show was great. I wasn't the fan of trasformers because I sort of don't like it and that is why I did not even bother to watch transformers 1. BUT today, when I watched it I felt it was a great movie. It has great sound effect.

AND the funny part was the hero for this show, SAM was damn hilarious. Even at the last moment already also still don't want to say and confess that he loves his girlfriend and want the girlfriend to make the first move. But also got those sad part where the Optimus died. Then, when SAM tried his very best to have the matrix to save Optimus.

Then after that movie, it was a massive human jammed outside the cinema there. There is only one lift and so many people want to be inside there. But most people will prefer to walk using the steps. Saying about steps, we climb up to 5th floor just to watch that movie and climb back down to groundfloor after watching that movie. Imagine 5th floor~~~

After all those jammed here and there, we went to eat supper and after that I AM BACK HOME to take a good rest.....

Toodlessss for now~~~

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm so despondent towards everything...

I am not giving up nor I am dying but I am so despondent. At that moment I felt like the world is going to end in a short second. Beside that, I am like some one who is just flash in the pan. The laceration in me was keep pumping in my heart that make me felt like I am a totally a kook. WHY? because how on earth should I suffer that pain because of a small thing. How on earth can that be?

I am a very delicate people that aware of everything around me. NO matter is by words nor body languages. YES, I AM! I am so pisssed off when people mention something which is regarding me and irritate me to the end.

BUT, come to a I some one who can't give people around me a sense of secure? Am I a heartless people?? Am I friendly enough? Am I jolly enough? Am I passionate enough? Am I a bitch? or Am I just a slutty one in front of people?

Is that the sense, no wonder people around me don't feel secure with all that I have done. No matter is my attitude, my character, my personality or just my words...Being friendly, having a wide social network and mix around well maybe aren't a good thing after all. IT WILL JUST GIVE YOUR FRIENDS A SENSE OF INSECURE when they are with you!! True enough??

What I know is that at this jiffy, I am so despondent...Nothing can explain how I felt and what actually I am thinking.

Maybe we shall conclude that, "DISAPPOINTMENT is often the salt of life."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Met up..

Finally, I managed to meet up with Melissa after long long long time that we did not meet up. It was really a nice long chatting for a night as we share our latest information. It was sort of like exchanging news also..hahaha...that is the things that girls will always up too when we met up and group together..
So we met up at Station 1, a new cafe near my area...
The drinks were so so only..
Service also so so only..
Environment ok only..
AND the worst is...
they can send wrong drinks and they counted our bill wrong..
their waiters have weird names too..
Ok, back to story..
we were like sharing most of the news that we knew..
and we realise..
people nowadays are different..
friends around us change..
BUT we didn't change much..
at that moment we were thinking are we normal???
or we are a bit weird...haha..
but who cares...
conclusion, we talked many things on the earth...
and laugh like nobody business...hahaha...
I must say that, we had a great time in talking and looking forward to have more with her..
I know you read my blog one..haha..
and ya, why we never snap picture arh??
we like long time never snap picture already le..
last time form 5 was like camera maniac..
hahaha...together with christine, mei yong and perpin..
that is us, when we clicked together..
that were the good old days..
cherished the moment..
from left : chris, me and melissa..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My weekend..

I was way too tired today because I was back home late as I was working yesterday at Kluang and when I reached back home is already almost 1am plus. Then today, my mum woke me up in the morning and I thought what happened because I was so reluctant to wake up early if I was tired..haha..Then only she told me that my dad is bringing us to his friend's orchard farm to eat durians.

It was really a fun thrilling eating durians moments as the durians were really superb. It can't be explained how nice the taste of the durians was really superb. It can't be explained how nice the taste of the durians was. We really eat non-stop from the moment we start eating till the moment we left. And not to forget we did bring home some durians as well too. Not that we so greedy until we eat and we brought back home but it was Uncle Foo idea and request that we brought back. So since Uncle got so good initiatives to ask us to bring back the durians we shall not make him disappointed..haha..I did not snap the pictures while we eating and the yellow-ish durians because I was too busy to eat until I forgot all about it.

the durians that are on the tree...

Then, there not only surrounded by durians tree but they also got rare goats. The goats are not those normal goats that we seen by the road side nor those goats that we see in normal farm. It was those imported goats that one goat can cost a few thousand. Those goats were really very nice and they looked way too tame already. When you go near them, they will come to you and let you pat them. Is exactly like dog and there are a few who looks like Hush Puppies with the long ears and brown color. Some look like deer because of the fur color and some looks like black and white cow. Really finicky looking at those goats.
the male goat and the female one "cage", will have one male and about 2o over females because they say a male goat can have sex with about 50 female goats...AMAZING!

the female goat with the born goats..

all this are pregnant goats...waiting for time to deliver new kids..

Before we left the orchard, we also do stop at the swallow building where there got hundreds over swallows flying in and out to make nest. BIRD'S NEST where you see in the market could be very expensive but in there it was damn a lot. Is really a lot! And when we stepped in, all those swallows were like flying above our head only. At that moment, I prayed that nothing fell on my head or I don't fell down because it was too dark inside there. I could not see the way at all because we only walk on relying on one torch light only. And sorry too as I did not take any pictures of the swallows because it was dark inside and I watched every step when I move about that I don't even bother to snap any pictures already.

P/S : sorry for the low quality of pictures too...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plant mushrooms, Grow mushrooms, and Pluck mushrooms....

Plant mushrooms, grow mushrooms and pluck mushrooms.....this is what I do this evening. It wasn't that I plant myself, but my dad's and his workers planted one. Now finally can pluck it already after they plant it for like few months. AND the mushrooms that grew out is super BIG..haha..Therefore, I today went to become part time worker to help them pluck all the mushrooms. It was a nice experience plucking all the mushrooms plus some comedy going on when plucking the mushrooms that time..haha...then I will have many mushrooms to eat everyday. Everyday not mushroom soup, then will be fried mushrooms or mushroom with chicken and many more...MUSHROOMS DAY~~~

just planted mushrooms...

bring home to cook....

super-duper big mushrooms...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Result OUT!

Result is out...RESULT IS OUT! What do I expect??? As I expected that it wasn't that good as the previous sem. I drop and drop and drop...but somehow or rather I already expect the poor result. I can't reveal my result over here due to some personal thingy, but to those who want to know can ask me ya..haha..

I already expected that my result is bad this semester due to accounting. I am horrible towards numbers. I'm the one who like immune towards number one. I HATE NUMBERS!

The plot of knowing my result was my friend message me and telling me that the result was out. At that moment I still daze around the blues and so lazy to wake up. Another reason was because I was afraid to know the result even tough I expected it. BUT still, have to face the norm of it so I woke up and checked the result. TADA~~~ at first was very blur but once get to know the result I am totally awake. AFTER seeeing...I straight turn into like this....>>>>>>


Sunday, June 7, 2009

My heart MELTZ...

My heart melt completely when you utter those words to me. It may seems nothing but deep down it means a lot. Even it was just a simple smile or a word it also lighten up my days with laughter. That show how much you actually mean to me.

I was too care and mind what you think and what you say to me. Even a simple expression of yours also I care a lot. Well, cavernous in my leave a mark already. Hell, you make my life miserable sometimes.

That is how I ended up my day today with the smile on my face because you made my day better....

AND this is how I ended up my short post....haha..LAMO~~~

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I went to Segamat and work yesterday. Everything seems ok to me in the morning and I have a smooth journey too. But things seems to get worst when the time pass.

Firstly, I realise that I wasn't in the mood to sell and promote any of DiGi stuff. Then get to know those new numbers were SUCK to death! So, I did not have the innitiative to sell anymore so I decided to call Fong Yi to meet me up in Segamat. She was so shock when I told her I was in Segamat. Once she arrived, I straight find a place for me to "snakesss" all the way for almost an hour plus. Therefore, no one know where am I for the that hour..haha...after meeting and talking with her I felt much better already and my mood was back to normal..that shows that my mood swings in anytime..haha...

Then, went around Segamat town to search for food. To our dismay, Segamat was so small or maybe the timing was not right that we could not find get any Chinese food that we turn here and there and we end up at those malay foods. I was way too dislikes Malay food already cause have been eating it all this while but no choice as my stomach was humming all sort of noises.

When night arrived, we have to work again. Again work for 3 hours. The worst was again I got those freaking UGLY numbers that hardly will people buy. So I got no choice but to bare with it again. Again, my mood swing to bad and the worst was I gave a fucking old man say all kinds of nonsense to me. Get pissed off and my face straight turn into charcoal already. The next moment I get to know that my leg was aching due to my shoes. That makes my mood swingssss 360 degress bad. AND that night was the worst 3 hours I get and the worst sales day. DAMN IT!

When I reached back home, I did not have the mood to do anything already as I was freaking tired and my damn aching leg so I go straight to bed.

Tomorrow I will be going to Batu Pahat and work again. So hope for the best to come.....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Flag, Flagged, Flagging...I am flagging!

I am flagging till going to die. (not that serious perhaps, just collapsed)
WHY am I saying so??
Been working and lack of sleep and definitely lack of rest...
Working is good..
at the same time it was damn tired.
If were to think of money then everything seems better,
if u aren't thinking of $$$, it will be damn freaking sick off~~
not forgetting that I have been sick for almost a week for that past couple of weeks..
and that..
making my mum suspected me having to diagnosed with H1N1..
the sickness that is popular for that moment.
so, sleeping and resting is important,
it will never apply on me..haha..
People around that knows me well,
will understand this theory will never happen on me.
So, for this whole month I will be working on most of the Saturday,
as well as weekdays..
so, must have enough of rest...
and NOT to forget,
I must enjoy and have fun too..
if not what is holiday to me??
Time passes damn fast that it is JUNE alredy..
that means,
JULY is on the way...
I hate it..
as I will have to go back to that,
f**king idiot college,
can time just stop at JUNE??
I am just dreaming and dazzling off in the daylight..
Off I sign off for now...
for a short post,
and a short updates..
on my current situations..