Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone.. May you guys had a blessed year ahead with abundance of good things~

May the new year bring these wishes to all of you,
Warmth of love, comfort of home
Joy for your children,
Company and support of family n friends
A caring heart that accepts
and treats all human beings equally
Enrichment of knowledge and

Richness of diversity
Courage to seek and speak the truth
Even if it means standing alone
Hopes and dreams of a just world and
desire to make it happen
A light to guide your path
Helping hands to strengthen unity
Serenity and peace within your mind,
Heart and soul
Food for thought and soul
A hand to hold

Well, all that is my wishes to each and everyone. As for me, I had just a simple wish that hopes everyday is a happy day and everyone can just forgive and forget in a brand new year. Forget the past, cherish the new.

I had a great New Year countdown and celebration party yesterday. Was at hotel about 9 plus to start preparing for the countdown and when 11.30am there are huge crowds at lobby area already. I did not expect that it will be so much of people. Then, we had the Indian people playing the traditional instruments, Malays playing the kompang and Chinese playing the drum. It should and supposed to be a 1 Malaysia cultural theme. It did attract attention of many and I think this is the first time we celebrated it in this way. 12am sharp, 1000 balloons seems scattering the whole lobby and confetti are all over the place. It was truly a fun time. Then we have this "human choo-choo train" round the hotel. Start pulling and wishing and hugging people on the way...Is like crazy ones.

It was my first time celebrating New Year in a crowd. After all the hard work in 2011, after all the hard core moment in 2011 too is time to rejoice and celebrate it in the way we want it to be. I had a few toss of drinks with my colleagues to mark the start of a brand New Year and after that we think is time for our stomach to regain back some food after all the sweatness and calories burn..haha... We head down to K5 and the night end up with eating and yakking non stop from us.

Back home with a sleepy and tiring eyes and dozed of to bed. That's how I usher in my New Year... How bout you guys?

Monday, December 26, 2011

My Days~~

Time pass really swift that its now coming to the end of the year 2011 already. Without knowing it, I already at HEM worked for like 3 months and a plus already. As I sat down here and looked back at my days.....

I felt so much to be say, so much to be kept as memories, so much to be told....

Beginning of the year, I am still an undergraduate student at UPM and now I am officially a white collar. Within a year too, many things had happened. The good and bad one, the happy and sad ones.. The most hardest part was to go through the death of my Wealthy. Even till now, she is still in each and everyone of our hearts. We will just remembered back all about YOU whenever we sit down and talk or have a simple dining. That's show how much we misses you.....

Again, looking back... I wish to learn from the mistakes I had made and march forward. GO the distance till the max that I can. As for now, I really just wanna focus on my career. True enough, I had lost many of my quality moments as I had sacrifice a lot like family and friends. Moment, my friends will just speak to me and say, Hey... you got no more LIFE! But I believe, shiny days are awaiting for me on the other side if I achieve it. So just bare with it. Hopefully, 2012 is a better year ahead for me.

Next, I would love to cherish and appreciate the person around me. Is really not easy to meet them in your intersection of life especially your family. I seriously felt thankful for the given things in my life. Sometimes all we need is a little appreciation. A sincere words from you means a lot to the person whom you care the most. Do not take things for granted. Just be grateful and thankful for it. For the next couple of days to New Year 2012, I just wanna say a big THANK YOU to people that had make a different in my life now. Thanks for molding me up to the person I am today.

Somehow, I know that I will usher in the New Year in style and with a BANG! I will be celebrating it at Equatorial this year as we are doing a 1 Malaysia countdown from 11.30pm onwards. It will be so much of fun and I definitely looking forward for it... Yeah~~

Let's welcome in the Year of 2012 with a smile.. =)

Friday, December 9, 2011


So it’s going to be a sleepless night without you. I have never felt this way over anything. She was something I myself raised and keep healthy and took care of. I loved her and spoiled her rotten. I can honestly say she felt like my little daughter. Everyone who came to my house fell in love with her in an instant cos she is so bright and full of life. She’s not with me now but soon she will be back home with us I can feel it. Getting attached to a sweet little creature like her is easy, not knowing where she is is hard. She was really a nice dog, a lovely dog, a clever dog...a dog whom is obedient and you just can't get tired of her. Its sad to see her leaving at the age of 3. 10 December 2011, marking the end of her journey.... All your struggle and suffer, had ended. You are now rest in peace in the world that belongs to you. You will always remain in our heart. No dog can replace you in our heart. You are the greatest dog of all....

Goodbye, Wealthy.. I'm sure you are fine there right now. The house isn’t the same without you.

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane,
we wud walk right up to heaven and bring you home again... R.I.P

Love always.....

Donne Ray's Night

A date with Donne Ray, "The Platters"

Is a long belated post. I supposed to upload this like few weeks back but despite the busyness in work, I gotta delayed it. All this happened on 24th November 2011. It was a night to be remembered, a night of entertainment and definitely a night where I had prepared for it. It was truly a day where the whole management of the hotel had been waiting and running here and there just for it. I had been organizing so many events before, but I dare to say this is the hardest ones as we need to please so many parties as well as gotta handle well all the pressure from the bosses. Never EASY!

It was a great night for all the secretaries and guests where they pampered themselves with a night of entertainment which highlights singing sensation of Donne Ray Radford from The Platters fame. Besides Radford, other entertainment in store is a fashion show featuring the latest collection of Mico and Roman Collections and energetic dance performances from Dynamix Dance Academy. While enjoying the performance, secretaries and guests can enjoy themselves with an 8-course Chinese sit-down dinner.

For those who do not know who is Donne Ray, do click on the link and get to know him if you interested; For those who is lazy, I just gotta summarized that Donne Ray was popular back then in the 80s, where he was invited to join "The Platters" by the owner, writer and producer, Mr. Buck Ram. Donne currently performs worldwide as "The Sound of The Platters".

Now, let the pictures do the talking....

The Sale's team..

Debbie and I...

PY, Me and Debbie with Donne Ray.. We look super exhausted due to the late night working for this event... At the end of the day, its still worth the pain...

Us again... Still smile despite we are so freaking tired the whole day...

Energetic dance performance by Dynamix Dance Academy.. They were a superb dancer.

Models parading caftan dress..

Elaine as the emcees of the night~~

Donne Ray performing live on the stage~

Monday, December 5, 2011

Lonely Night~~

Silence night..... A holy night that for once, I felt so miserable.....but deep inside it was sadness, loneliness and a feeling of helpless. I could not express how I want it to be but deep inside I want a peace in mind. I had been worrying so much for my dog. She had been down with anaplasmosis at the earlier stage then down with medication for about a month. True enough, we see an improvement in her but soon after that, her condition worsen. Now, she is about to paralyse. X-ray taken and she was down with hip dysplasia as well as suspected for intervertebral disk disease. How bad it was to hear the news...

I never want my dog to suffer all this at the age of 3. She is really a young dog who is so lovely. You just can't get enough of her. Doctor urge to do surgery but the chances of recovery wasn't that high too or putting her into sleep. GOSH~~ that's the worst decision that I want to make. If I can make a choice, I would not want that for her. But seeing her suffer all the way, making me felt so painful and helpless. I wish I could help her. I wish I can know how bad she was suffering. I can see disappointment in her. I could see, how much she wanna fight to survive and how much she wanna be with us each time we are back from work or somewhere...all she can do now is just to watch us from a far and having a hard time to get up.

All I can do was just hoping and praying for the best it could be...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Rush Hour

I shall get myself a quick update on me...Strictly is me!

Eventually, I am busy working as ever. And my days seems so rush. Every min and sec must be spent properly if not I will had not enough time. Epic as it is, I felt that 24 hours a day isn't enough as the time I spent at home is definitely less than 12 hours. And when I had like some break out of the day, 5 mins of spending and sitting down is like wow, 30 mins had just passed. Till then, I realize, I had been rushing in my days.

Working till late night every day is not a nice thing actually as you will felt like, why do you want to indulge yourself in this place?? But think back, I never regretted for stepping my feet inside this place. When you think that you had all it takes to work in this corporate world, think when I entered, I am just so timid and humid at the sea of others. I am nothing! From there on, you had to climb and move the corporate ladders to get the acceptance, self-respect and definitely recognition from peoples around you. Its definitely not easy. All you know is that you need to work hard to climb to the highest level. That is where, all in your mind is to learn and seek knowledge and experience. You really need to be at the top notch in everything.

I am not too sure whether I am a perfectionist or what, or maybe I had this kiasu-ism spirit in me, that I must strive in everything I do. I must be there...I must do it! And definitely, I am not too sure whether is this spirit is right or wrong?

I supposed, that's what life is all about. That's what your LIST-to do is in your hand. Crossed fingers for a better day...Till then..

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Hectic Life~~

Till then I realized that it has been a long time since my last post. Eventually, I got lot of things to blog on but I just do not have time for it. And to my next extend, today is a SUNDAY and I am blogging at work. Great..

Life has been different to me now. I am facing lots of challenges and I ought to say that each of that make and shape me to another level of knowledge in life. I used to complain last time when I got no work to do and when I need to work full days on certain Saturday but now, I am even working when Sunday arrive. So, what's life am I having?? I got real tired at times, but the next thing I know is that I still need to work my ass out of it. That's work and that's LIFE!

I am trying to find time for myself too, or at least indulge myself with nice foods and pamper myself to a nice gateway with family and friends. Lots more of work loads to arrive, as the Festive season is arriving around the corner. Christmas, the season to be joy and merry and NEW YEAR the day we usher in another great year ahead. Well, let's us walk the way and the distance together.. Till then~~ With love.

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Deepavali" angpow..

I had a super cranky and wacky boss. Look at what he gave us for Deepavali angpow. When he gave us that time, we were all super excited and pretty of excitement as we are guessing how much inside it or maybe what type of surprised my boss is giving us; maybe a piece of paper with motivational note?

Deng Deng Deng.... *music play* The moment you opened the red packet only, you will burst out laughing.

20 RUPEES...

I really go into speechless mode when I saw it. The first action that we did was quickly go into online currency converter and see how much it cost. To my surprised, it was only RM1.26. *bang to the wall and smash forehead* hahah..

And a little conversation between me and my boss will make you even irritate..
Boss: Eh, how much I give you arh?
Me: 20 rupees, boss..
Boss: Then had you counted, how much was it?
Me: Is only RM 1.26 only..
Boss: Wah, I give you so much arh... *turn and walkaway*
Me: Boss, can't even eat a plate of mee la..
Boss: Aiyah, you never know my hardship. I purposely go all the money changer counter to make it small change and not all money changer got small change.

Do not even wanna to answer him after that...

Just look on how cranky and wacky my boss can be. But is the heart that really count and not the amount of money.

Hereby, I am taking this opportunity to wish all Hindus a Happy Deepavali...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Convocation.. (18 Oct 2011)

I am finally and officially graduated after 3 years of hardship at Uni. Is like finally it came to an end of study life and there after you are going into the next phrase or next chapter of life. Memories remains and never can end. Those were the moments I had treasured the most in my life. Nothing can beats the ecstatic joys I had with all my Uni friends and definitely not to leave behind my housemates that had sails along with me. Its something I treasured the most.. On my journey of it, there are lots of knowledge, experiences and things that I gained but without peoples like my family and friends I would never go this far. I sincerely thanks them cavernous deep in my heart. 18 Oct, marked the day in my life as it was my CONVOCATION Day! It wasn't tat grand as I thought but who cares...Is just a few minutes of glamor and after that, it was nothing except photos and lots of yacking with friends.

My family.. Thanks a lot to them for all the unconditional mentally and physically support. Nothing I can say to express how much of gratitude and appreciation I had for them.

They are the biggest strength in my life~

We have some similarity, don't we?

The friends of mine that will make you burst out laughing all the times...

The friends that I clicked, from left: Dicky, Me, Heran and Patricia.

Ai Yun, who came all the way after class.. A million of thanks!

My family with Dr. Razak..

Dr. Razak...who takes his time to wait for me to come out from the hall and be the first to congrats me. How thoughtful of it and he has been a really superb nice lecturer. He has never even taught me once before... I stressed, NEVER! but believe it or not, we clicked well.

My 2 lovely "baskets" friends. They indeed a very nice person in my life. Wei Siong and Le Jie.. It is hilarious if we thought back how we met... Le Jie, the guy in Batik is the person whom I must speak to everyday. WE are just GREAT BUDDY.

Finally, my gifts and flowers from family and friends. Sincere thanks.. Appreciate every of it to the max.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hotel Equatorial Melaka Annual Dinner

My first ever annual dinner at EQ Malacca on the 14.10.2011. Since it was first, so it was really my first time attending it. It was really a night full with entertainment and program. From beauty pageant, to dance performance, to singing competition and all you can name it... Is really a night when all the staff gets the partay started! The theme for this year dinner is "Glamorous Night"; therefore, you can see all the pretty ladies doll up themselves with nice evening gown while the guys, sorry to say do not have any handsome ones..haha.. *to no offence* is just my personal perception. The ballroom itself also decorated with very nice backdrop and deco. So, let the pictures do the talking.

The ladies...

Two "handsome guys; Vincent and Daniel" with the ladies (from left: Me, Zoe, Michelle, Linda and Tafline)

The 3 that click together most of the time. Zoe and Michelle but sad to say, Zoe will be leaving soon to become teacher. I will had lesser friend in EQ already.

The ladies from sales & marketing team...

PR department rulez! Debbie, me and PY..

The guys from T&G academy. Make up and hair do sponsored by them. From left: Top model -Kelly, Andy - the choreographer, ME, Zoe, Langfrey - the cranky and wacky CEO of T&G Academy, and lastly Alvin - the cool and steady Director of T&G Academy. They are a nice bunch of peoples that I enjoyed working with them.

Vincent, our Catering and Convention Manager who never fails to disturb and tease me always... And he and his never ending lame jokes.

Unknown and My boss, Mr. Mario..

Ladies from different department join in the beauty pageant competition with their first round of traditional costumes.

The top 3 beauties...

EQ Malacca GM - Dato' Syed.

Friday, October 7, 2011

On track..

I finally got some extra quality time to spend on my blog. OMG, I just hope that I would be granted with more than 24 hours a day. I had been real busy and I think only the word busy suitable to lament what's life is about to me. Basically I do not have life and let it be a conclusion of all. Everyday I would be working my ass off until 8pm plus or maybe the earliest 7pm and the latest can be 11 pm plus..So what kind of life can I get? When I got a little of my rest time at home, I just want to be at home and sneaked into my bed and called it a day already.

With all those busyness in life, guess what.. I am not really complaning about it and instead I am facing everyday with a new challenge and giving myself loads of motivation to go down the road. I believe I had found the path and I am venturing into it. Life was hard now but I seriously believe no pain, no gain. Waking up every morning, and I am telling myself...Today is gonna be a great day!

But in terms of busyness, I always wanted for a break or maybe a day OFF. haha... *evil smile*..
Yeah, true..I am gonna have 2 days of leave on the 13th and 18th of Oct for my convo. Hooray and bravo; oriented for it. Meantime, i am really oriented on my convocation. Is like finally I am officially a graduate student of bachelor degrees...FINALLY..haha..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bro..

Proudly to present him and his birthday today...

Happy Sweet twenty- ..................... *not going to disclose*..haha...
May your birthday be as wonderful and blossoming well like the roses there.
You had come to a long way,
and I am just glad that you had been my brother.
A brother that I looked upon too whenever I had any problems and troubles..
No doubt, we do argue..
but what's life of a sibling all about without all this..
Love ya, ther...

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~

It's Finally SUNDAY~

My long awaits Sunday. Sometimes, you will never realize how great Sunday can meant to me. The whole week had been a reall busy week and I am packed with scheduled, appointments, meetings and lots more. From one point, I had to juggle to the another point. But I am loving my work now. At least, I found some satisfaction at the end of the day.

Everyday, I am doing and dealing with mankind of peoples and really challenging stuff. My brain is like started to work back after a long period of resting. At certain moment, I felt my brain is rusty already and need some polish up. No doubt, at the end of every day...I felt so sick and tired but then think again, this is the thing I want so I better pull it through. It might be difficult at the beginning but no pain, no gain. So, I just got to bare with it and GO THE DISTANCE!

And because of this reason, I think I will had less update on my blog already. Somehow, I will try to update myself as frequent as possible whenever I had time for it. And now, I am looking for 13th and 18th October where I willl be taking leave and on my ass heading to KL for my Convo...HOORAY! Nothing can beats the ecstatic joy of getting yourself a day off.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sometimes is the small little messages of compliment from you can actually made my day...

you make me smile... =)

Stint in KL...

Yeah, got myself a 2 days holiday to KL. It was rather a short trip but I enjoyed the times I had with all my girlfriends. It has been like 3 months that we had not met each others and we got like tons of updates and gossips to tell. Well, girls are always girls and girls will always remain with this attitude...WE and our never ending stories. But that is what's girls are all about when we gathered. And this trip is non other than eat all the way rather than shopping or what..haha...But it was rather a nice one to gather and jsut to update ourselves and counting down the days we gonna meet again on our convo....BIG Hooray and Smiles!

The gals.. From left: Crystal, Dicky, Me, Heran, Reiko and Patricia.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A little winding of my life~

I am like MIA for quite some time but the truth is like about a week only, but it seems I had long time did not update on my blog already. Had been very busy dealing with work and tons of work load as well as those hassle and bustle of LIFE.

Several things have been running through my mind since the day I started my new life. Tons of questions and doubts pondering and perplexing into my mind. I always thanks GOD for all I have and I do appreciate what I am having now, but life is not so easy as it seems. Tough decision to be made, whether you'll move on to the right path or no. Yes you can't predict of what will happen in the future but we can minimize the consequences. Whether will I regret in the future or not it is still something to be see and ask. Sometimes, I am blur with all the decisions that I made too. I am just afraid I will made the wrong decisions or choosing the wrong path in my life. I seriously afraid of this. But I can't do anything, as circumstances do not permit me to do things that I wish too. I just had to bare with it... Even though, sometimes we ought to chase our dreams.

But no matter how life treated us, we just need a break in it or maybe a comma in it so that we can move and leap further in the future. And I always feel blessed for the given peers friends that I had with me for the past 16 years. Nothing beats the ecstatic joys when you are with them. It is always nice to yack, gossips, chat and changing info with them as you will find yourself dwelling with all their laughters...

Even though, all of us are busy with our own things but we just never forget to link each other once in awhile and even you had meet many new friends found outside there, you will still realize upon that peers friends are the best friends forever that you could label them. People out there are mostly poker faces with you but only them and also ONLY with can be the truly you and yourself.

Presenting them...

From left: Li Chia, Wai Ming, Me and Ai Yun.

From left: Rae Lynn, Li Chia, Wai Ming, Me and Ai Yun..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The born of MUSHROOMS...

This is like the 2nd time I am visiting my dad's newly build mushroom's farm. The last time I went there it wasn't that developed yet. From 3 mushrooms house now they had expanded it into 18 houses (more in the future) and readying to grow and plant their 2nd experimental mushrooms with better seeds and better equipment. Hopefully, those oyster mushrooms can grow well. My dad is doing well on this but we (my bro and I) never knew how those oysters mushrooms are being grown..*shy*..haha...Nevertheless, we do not even know how the machines are being made. But, I am always proud of my dad who invented those machine and proudly present it to the market despite lots of failure. And finally we got the chance to witness the movering of it... =) Coming till this stage is always not easy but what success is if it wasn't a failure before it. We had come a long way and I think we had lots of suffering too. Till then, all those suffering should come to an end and now we are starting and revolving with a better life. I hope GOD treat us well and blessing's of GOD are following us. I might not had been a rich girl before but I am sure I had been a poor girl before. NO JOKE! Those sufferings and pains....only GOD knows! But I am serious blessed with the toughness and family GOD had given me. We had come to a long way before reaching it. Now, I am more blessed than ever...

Dad showing us how the bagging machine functions. That is where the cork woods and the seeds are being bag in a plastic. All machinery...

Bro and daddy are seeing how the cork wood is being mix and bladder-ed..

The cork wood are bring transferred to other parts of the machine with the usage of the conveyor belt.

The steamer...

The steamer is used to steam those mushroom that had been bagged in order to kills those virus and germs.... The steaming period is about 2 hours plus.

The rack that used to put those mushrooms that had been bagged.

The plastic bag cover..Is an important item as this is where the oyster mushroom will grow out...

Rows of mushroom's house~

The toilet for the workers...

Inside the mushroom's house..

The cooling mist...

Actually the farm is located at Tebong, Melaka and is really deep inside jungle..haha...but it has nice and beautiful environment and scenery despite a lots of mosquitoes. But it was rather cooling inside there even the sun shines brightly...

The beautiful natural scenery..Green green grass of homie..

The river...used to be very nice last time with lotus flower but it seems no longer now.