Saturday, May 18, 2013


I can't explained how much of tired that lies in me. I can't explained and complaint much as this is the path that I have chosen. I ain't complaining but its just too tired already. The busy schedule that runs in me as a hotelier is really unbelievable. People kept asking me why am I that busy and why I am not delegating my time and my job well. The first impression that goes through my mind was you are not me, you are not in my shoes and you wouldn't understand it. 

Sometimes I would love to have my quality time..I do want to spend my time with my family, my beloved ones and friends but there is always a word called LAST MINUTE schedule that kills it all. I don't understand why some clients would choose a weekend or a public holiday for their function or their inspection. I do not work 24/7 days a week... I still have my off day. Because of them, my Sunday is basically killed. 

So now you think my life is easy? Not at all. I got to juggle with time, work and the stress in me... to get a peaceful mind, is not easy at all. Don't you dare to think about money. It is 10 times harder. All the hard earn money and when you want to spend it you will think twice about it.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Her life was never easy, not like the one I'm in. Her hands show the places she has been.The voice she gave us sounds like the horns of heaven.Her children are blessed with a mother of such worth, a woman who has seen the heavens and earth.
God, Thank you for this woman, the one you chose for me.
The one whom I love and care for gently. Without her, I won't be the person I am today.To the one and only one, MUM.... 
Mum, you're the greatest!! Thanks for all the love, encouragement and great cooking. You've done a great job bringing us up. We love you lots.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Have you vote?

I woke up to a beautiful Sunday afternoon *instead of morning* and please allowed me for that as I seldom able to wake up late on a SUNDAY! Peacefully lazy-ing and slacking around not knowing that the clock is actually showing 12.30pm. Look at my phone, reading those sms sending out by my friends asking whether have I voted? 

Yeah, I have voted. I have done my responsible as a "RAKYAT" to vote and choose wisely. The 01 vote is important to change the time of a decade. Well, let's wait and see the changes of it tonight.

We hope, we pray and we wish for a better future... a fairness to all.