Monday, August 26, 2013

Its just a day to RELAZ~~

Its just a random post for my blog as it looks like it is DEAD. No update since a month ago. Not that I do not want to update but sometimes I just had no time for it. Maybe its just an excuse as if I were to blog there are always unfinished story line to be told.

Everyday my days or to be exact my life just evolve WORKS! Others than work, it has nothing else. FAMILY is the only reason I hang on. Get so tired with it already and there are always time when I say I am quitting. However, there are so many things that yet to perplex in my mind. What am I gonna do if I am to quit my hotel line? I really do not know and somehow or rather I lost my self for the past weeks. Many things had happened and I am about to give up. 

Sometimes I felt so miserable at the middle of no where..but I always thank god for the support my family and close friends had showered to me. There are always there for me regardless and for period. Its really a blessed if you can just hang up with your friends and doing nothing but just chill with them. That's the most relaxing moment. Time likes this, is something you wish to cherish.