Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Ever Post in year 2014..

The post title say its all. Pretty obvious that I actually neglecting my blog. Not that I have nothing to blog about but I just need a little of writing mood back. Time passed swiftly and not knowing that it has actually been the 3rd month of year 2014. How fast could that be. 

As time passed, I realised that I learnt to appreciate bit and pieces of my life. I did slowed down my pace and start to think back what's quality of life is all about. Sometimes we ought to slow down ourselves and just indulge in the beauty of it. In lieu of that, just working and no play will just make you as dull as ever. Our life is always started with a blank piece of white paper.. Is we who painted colors on it and the choice is always your to do or not to do. 

With that.... me and my friends have a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of working life to the island of pearl. GOD knows how long we have actually known each other. 17 years of friendship and continue to count for many more years to come.  3 days 2 nights road trip ain't gonna be enough for us. Its a short trip but I guess as much as we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. We barely sleep and all we did was non stop of eating and yacking and talking and laughing and the list continue. 

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